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Stephen Weigand  Actor. Yogi. Golden State Warriors fanatic 🎭🙏🏀😜

Nothin but a good time 🎤🎼🎸

Well that’s a good sign from Life ☀️ 🌧 🌈 💫🌏💨🔥🕺

Stellar round with bro & pop 🏌️‍♀️⛳️🏆

Closing time!
One last call for eka pada bakasana so finish your whiskey or beer 🥃 🍺. (My last class for a while...
tonight 7:30p Yoga Salt)

It’s been a joyous ride, and I’m so grateful to Yoga Salt for housing me over the last couple years. Thanks to the best studio owner in town—Tamal Dodge for being a stellar leader & person, and providing an epic space to teach & be a part of a wonderful community🙏. I’ll miss you guys, but will pop into class every now & then during my 6-12 month sabbatical from teaching (to focus on acting & my creative life🕺🎭🎬🥁🎼). Love you & grateful for you Salt students! Appreciate your support of me over the years. I grew a lot, and you guys made me a better human👊💙. @blacklotusyoga taking over the 7:30p M/W & she is AMAZING! So stoked that she is going to be teaching this class. Check her out. You will LOVE!
#yogasalt #swteachingsabbatical #gratitude&;love
#boom #chefout


Merry Ho Ho Ho from the Weigand bro’s!!🎄💙

Most people in acting class do scenes with other people, I do Les Mis with my buddy Baxter 🐶 🎭.
#actorslife #happythirtyeighthbirthdaytome

The only things missing from this photo are my #thirtyjersey & #mouthpiece 🏀.
#stephbeingsteph #currysauce #humblearrogance #truefood

Life & belated bday celebrating with brother Buk 🍻

Didn’t beat my 34:01 from last week, but my intention was to have fun with this crushing & see where that lead... I rocked 34:53 (52 seconds slower), yet had way more fun than any other interval runnings over last 8 weeks. Everytime my mind was like “go faster,” I had to ask, “will that be fun?” And the answer was usually nope😜. It was cool cuz I probably could have gone faster, but it would have been out of balance to do that today. You know how there’s your edge, and then there’s crossing your edge in an unhealthy way? That’s what I’m talking about... At first my mind was fixated on “gotta beat 34:01,” and my soul was like “fuck that shit and have fun and see what happens...” Still went fast. And did it connected to my true & vital energy vs letting the will of mind take over and force.

Last week I was engaged in surrender whilst crushing the 34:01, and this week surrender took a different course. That’s why it’s called surrender cuz you can’t control. Gotta let go of outcome.
If I woulda broken my time from last week, I would have done so in a way that was disconnected from my power, and it would have been miserable.

So, these hikes are joyful little ways to remind me to always trust soul. Soul isn’t a high/high or low/low, it’s that place of ease, balance and quiet calm beneath the surface mind. It knows.

It’s Power vs force. Power is always way stronger and more enjoyable even if the outcome isn’t what ego/force wanted... Boom 💥
#getoutoftheway #surrendertosoul #havefuckingfunandlive

Perfect night with my Wichita brothers. Warriors over Lakeshow victory helped my uplift too 🏀💙.

The joy of crushing Paseo in 34:01 😜. I’ve been playing this little game w myself the last 7 Sundays, where I try to improve my time each week, interval running to the lookout point of Paseo MirMar.
Some weeks I got better. Some I didn’t.
7 weeks ago I started @ 39:56.

What I learned from this adventure was the harder I tried, the less I improved. And the more I surrendered to where I was really at — whilst being clear on my intention, not attached to the outcome, and engaged in present — the more energy became available for me to do what I didn’t think I could do — crush that mother & get up in under 35 🐎💨☀️
Good life lesson.
#booya & #boom

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