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  n's wifey | c, lotte & 🐩's mummy | taiwanese-y | NorCal gal | designer | pom pom artisan | b🎀b | hopeless fashion lover | need more vitamin C🍊

The only reason I left the house today 🐟 🍦 #taiyakiicecream #momentonthelipslifetimeonthehips #yolo

Got asked how old my SON was yesterday at the grocery store. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 11 months old ~ what’s new with lotte ☝🏻walking by herself with the assistance of her elephant walker ✌️The girl’s got gumption. Can’t stop, won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Ps. Still waiting on those teeth. #goldengirl #squirmywormy #stopgrowingsofast

My favorite fresh peach pie....🍑 #ohboyimintrouble #fattystatus #oink #peachpie #hellogorgeous

Happy Father’s day to our everything!! We drive him insane but it’s only bc we 💕 him so much! #happyhappyjoyjoy

Ten months old! (please excuse the crazy hair and scratch on her nose...she got into a cat fight, with herself 😑) ~what’s new with lotte ☝🏻crawling slowly around the house grabbing only the most dangerous things ✌️waves hi and bye to dada & her idol - aka C1. Ps. Still no teeth. Nada.

Our ghetto water park in the backyard. At least it was only $4.50...except it broke shortly after I took this pic. 😒 #summerdays #mermaid #toddlerlife

Nine months old! Our little 7th percentile may be little but she’s mighty! What’s new with Lotte ~ ☝🏻 knows how to flirt with mommy to get what she wants✌️zooms around the house in her car walker like a boss 💨

This pic pretty much sums up how lotte has been these past 8 months!
What’s new with lotte~ ☝🏻fastest hands in the west, don’t leave anything unattended bc it’ll be hers in 1/2 a sec ✌️says “da da da” only. 😑 #happyhappyjoyjoy #crazybutcute #missbusybody

Happy siblings day...I’m so glad they have each other to have & to hold💕👯‍♀️

Seven months old! What’s new with latte~ ☝🏻I feel like I’m nursing a bucking bronco. The kid gets way too distracted by everything ✌️stranger danger is in full effect #babiesofinstagram #sevenmonthsold #crazykid #icouldjusteatherup

Easter treats for C1’s class done 🐰#momlife #craftymom #eastertreats #bunniesallday #targetdoesitagain

This kid....just a big bundle of happiness 24/7. Spread the 💕 girl 😍 #icouldjusteatherup #purejoy #myforeverandalways #girlpower

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