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SakurakoO.O  Raffle at 300 Self-taught Ats: CLOSED Sec acc: @weganbakon Oh yea I'm friends with @shitty.personality


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Sorry that it's not colored properly, but I wanted to post this in Halloween and I know I wouldn't be able to finish in time. Hope you still like it at least a little bit!
(closeups on @weganbakon)
#animedrawing #mangadrawing #animedraw#mangadraw #drawing #art #anime #manga #halloween #wb_oc

You guys really liked this lineart so I decided to make it a open collab!
If you do it please tag it with #wb_opencollab and mention me. The full resolution without the white background is on my DA: https://wegan-bakon.deviantart.com/art/Untitled-711089822 (don't bother watching me on DA, I never post anything) Hope you like it and have fun coloring!
Edit: I'M MAKING THIS A CONTEST! The person who will have the best color pallete will get a small doodle from me!
#opencollab #animeart #mangaart #animedrawing #mangadrawing #whatthehellisgoingonwithmystyle

[CLOSED] Oh look! I'm finally doing the thing I said I was gonna do a month ago! Yay!
1. You have to be following me (duh, this is a followers thing), new followers are welcome
2. You have to repost it tag (and mention) me and use the hashtag #wb_300raffle
3. Wait for me to give you your number. If I do not give you one in 24 hours please dm me.
The raffle will end on Halloween (31 of October)
1. Fully detailed fullbody with background (traditional or digital)
2. Fully detailed halfbody
3. Fully detailed headshot
Depending on the amount of entries I'll probably add more prizes.
Good luck!

Almost 4 years of drawing each and every day... Worth it! Also a oc then and now. The first drawing is my first drawing in my first sketchbook and it was the first drawing I did when I decided I want to get more serious about my art (I was so scared that I would mess up that I didn't even draw the face and hands). Both drawings took around 15 minutes. Even tho I still have a LONG way to go I'm still pretty proud of the improvement. (Full pics on my second acc @weganbakon )

So this is a drawing I did because today is Liz(s? It sounds weird)(the girl in the middle) birthday and I realized I never actually posted any drawing of those ocs... So yea... Here they are... Hope you like it! (and designing her hoodie and drawing it took so damn long so I hope it came out okay😭)
#wb_oc #wb_pupcius_crew #anime #manga #animedrawing#mangadrawing #animeart #mangaart #drawing #digital #digitaldrawing

My entry for @dorkydibs 's contest! Hope ya like it! I need to draw more galaxy backgrounds, because it's so fun to do. #dibs200contest #ddoctag_darcie #animegirl #mangagirl #anime #manga #drawing #animeart #mangaart #digital #digitaldrawing #oc #notmineoc

I may delete it later because it's really bad, but here's an animation of @akidearest and @joey.the.anime.man (I Boomeranged it later so IG would let me upload it, if you want to see the original then check out my Twitter @ WeganBakon) why do I do this?

*drops this here and runs away*
#sexybenjamin @JosiahBrooks
Check this out if you don't know what's going on: https://youtu.be/MelgvsXZaZw
(and yes, I'm trying new styles, and I think I'm gonna stick with this one for a while)

I was not sure if I sould post it but screw it. A painting of @hana.bunny_bunny as Lucoa from Dragon Maid (I just really liked the photo and wanted to paint it) Sorry she's so offcenter, but otherwhise IG was cutting off half. I'm still looking for a style, but it's hard because when I paint I always want it to look as realistic as I posibly can and then afterwards I'm like "this looks to much like the ref photo" ;-;

At least I tried. This is my entry for @kumaartsu 's contest. Closeups of the chibis are on my other acc @weganbakon . This was supposed to be just a sketch but it just turned out to be a painting 😂. I know I won't win but oh well, still worth a try. #kumaartsucontest #kumaartsuoc #drawing #draw #digital #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #chibi #animegirl #mangagirl #anime #manga

This was supposed to be a morning study, but it started turning out like Cupit so I decided to finish it (dear god I spent all day on this thing). This is @sailorleyla 's oc Cupit. Oh and I know, I forgot the bow on her hair. I'm accually really proud of this drawing. REFERENCE USED!!! #cupit_oc #sailorleyla_oc #drawing #draw #fanart #digital #digitaldrawing #painting #digitalpainting #girl

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