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Louise Hearn  "Seen you eating catfood out of a can. You was using a fork. Looks like you gots some manners. I like that"-craigslist missed connections Lexington KY

"I have 3 missed calls from Chick-fil-a" @commesdescroissants #girlsgonemild #hottubtimemachine3

Standing in the light of your halo. I found my angel now.

Moey Chambon #girlsgonemild

Going going back back to Philly Philly #guttergirls #trolls #trolllife @ainsleyhealy @aripeikin

MRW a photographer took a photo of my outfit this morning and then proceeded to ask what "show" I was headed to. Apparently "My job at a ketchup company" was not a cool enough answer for him. #nyfw #streetstyle #guttergirl

Absence makes the heart grow fonder 🍔💗 #innout #eeeeeats

Happy birthday to the one and only Meat Boy/ Meat Rat. I'll humor you and say happy 23rd birthday, but this 17th century Dutch Masters (4/20 smoke weed everyday dope blunts) painting of you leads me to believe that you have been around for much longer than 23 years. I hope you have a great day and got lots of teepings last night because we're going to party like it's 1643. Hope you get a better gift than that time you gave mom a rock and her own tooth brush in a box for her birthday. Keep it one hunnit #poopintoilet #augustmeatsweats #tuckeverlasting #illuminati #raindropdroptop #siiiiiick @lordzearn

Sunglasses and Advil. #happynewyear #2017

Bay goals #tbt

Apparently it was socially acceptable to wear a fabric sample as a dress in 2011. #tbt #springbreakcabo #springbreaknorthkorea

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