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Weest  Meme Advocate (not a meme page) Content crusader E🅱️ic troller Creator and Streamer YouTube: Weest ⬇️🤠NEW VIDEO🤠⬇


Anyone want to see my tits? I'm a man btw so this video can't be flagged for nudity.

THE STRIKES ARE GONE FROM MY CHANNEL!!! New video on "Normies" link in bio :D :D :D :D :D

Please stop stealing memes @daquan #creditordie

Thank you @pineapple.industries for this complete album of artistic creation. EDIT: I meant to say 'autistic'

For all the best and most relatable memes go to me.me/t/memes haha xd

Again and again

Plugging my YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and YouNow because I get asked a lot about all of them. Here ya go fellers. I've got a big video project that I'm going to start working on soon, I just need to polish up the script and find time to record it all at once. I stream all the time on Twitch so if you ever want to talk to me just stop on by.

Someone gave this meme idea to me last night on my Twitch stream so take this. I haven't made a meme in a few months so pardon my rust. ♥

Jesus fucking christ. Sorry for posting so much fan art but some of these are phenomenal. Thank you @tiki_novelo

If you can't tell this is a joke then please do us all a favor and stand on the west coast and block NK's missiles with your dense skull.

Fucking hell @ihatesweetpotatoes

Advice for growing a meme page (mostly unironic) shoutout to @ayte.s and @g.xis for not getting all the credit they deserve. Honorable mentions, @b3n1s and @ironic.mp4 (btw selling out is only okay when you're open and honest and it's for a product you believe in)

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