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Rogue One!!

Approx. 3 minutes before *somebody* called the bad boys lmao

Some shit about #fall or whatever

Aw happy #nationalboyfriendday Ryan you're so great

Addison Elizabeth Weese ❤

"In terms of men being feminist allies, it's just important to speak from your own place. I'd love to hear men singing about masculinity and the damage it does to them."
-Kathleen Hanna

Oh shit I forgot I had an instagram...

Just checking in after 6mos to let you guys know I'm driving again. So yeah

I'm basically the coolest uncle in the world... Or just have the coolest niece and nephew in the world.

The #gopdebate was a complete joke. The most sane, rational person I saw on the television was Megyn Kelly and if that doesn't tell ya something...

Exactly. Here's to you, the perpetuators of
And the like.

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