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When you ask someone to pose and they say they don't know how to pose. Kamonnnn.

What happened to you? What happened to me?
What happened to us?

Malaysian breakfast begitu. #notthepresenttime

"Everything comes apart at some point. We all will. It's the law. It's what we're designed to do. We have to face it, and accept it, and try to hold it together for as long as we can."

"Freezing, choking, getting tongue-tied - there's a reason it happens. We lose our words because the stakes are so high and we have so much to lose. We're petrified of saying too much or saying it wrong. When the truth is, the only wrong thing you can say is nothing at all."

Sweet sweet fantasy




因为暂时看不到天亮, 才看见自己最诚恳的梦想。

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