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Kimberley Gordon  FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER 📷 New clothing line @SELKIE • former WILDFOX co-Founder •♀️Feminist• Entrepreneur• photography bookings please email/text 🖤

Just because it’s fall does not mean you have to wear boring colors. My whole career, business men in fashion always have said “no one wants pastels in fall” and I don’t get it. I think I wear more color in fall than I do in summer! If you’re looking for a cozy hoodie to snuggle into, try my new Selkie sweats. They are deliciously soft. I only bought small inventory for my first round, so don’t wait too long... 💕@Selkie

Hello, lovers! I’m looking for a freelance accounts receivable manager to work 1 or 2 days a week @selkie . WORK FROM HOME IS OK! Blast Ramp and shopify experience would be great! Please DM me or comment below with any leads! #fashionjobs #accountsreceivable

I MISS NEW YORK. Super special Dream Dungarees code for my followers only use ; wedream
For 40% OFF!!! Tonight and tomorrow only!
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“Breath of love” limited edition t shirt 👄 watercolor on sheer hemp. only a few available on @selkie
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Monday anxiety healing with bubbles in a hot bath, late night online shopping and home baking vanilla cakes. For your late night shopping addiction use code; latenights ✨ for a lovely surprise at checkout on @selkie . Put two items in the cart for the surprise!!
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Our last day celebrating Marcus big birthday in the most magic place on earth. Already crying, Jamaica. I want to convert to Rastafarianism and move here with our cats.

We stripped down to nothing, tossing our clothes, like seal skins, into the pale, soft sand, and lunged forward into the once clear water; now black as tar in the moonless night. Toree’s skin looked like white chocolate dipped in oil, cut off at the thighs like one of those ancient, white marble statutes. Standing there in the warm night, laughing and connecting with what felt like “God”, I wondered why we didn’t skinny dip more often... what i would have given for my camera. I’ll only ever be able to describe it 🖤🥛Maybe these moments are best captured only in our memories. Frozen forever. Pastel @Selkie wrap dresses pictured are the best for romantic rip-off-and-run-naked sunsets.
#jamaica #montegobay #girlhood #pastel #selkiecollection #selkie

All black @selkie uniform. 🖤🖤 #bellbottoms use code: blackuniform to get 25% off bell bottoms today 🖤

Do not betray the moment. It’s what I keep trying to remind myself as I stare out into baby blue lagoon water, worrying endlessly about all the bad stuff in my life- body insecurities, talent insecurities, business anxiety, fragile financials, human betrayal... it is all such a distraction from these heavenly moments. We wait all our lives to get these special days and then just waste them, disappearing into our heads. I stared into the blue, climbed into the cold water and swam fast, climbed up the huge rock, took a deep breath and jumped- hitting the lagoon so hard my top came off and my shoulder hurt. But it was freeing- gone was the mental anguish, even if for a moment. We’ve planned this surprise trip to Jamaica for 7 months, and I’ve been counting down the days. Here with some of my closest friends, in paradise, even at 35 years old I’m still having to work hard on honoring the moment- as it is, indeed, the only moment. To live perpetually in the future or past is to not live at all. As Marcus crosses this huge age milestone i hope we can all learn to embrace this life a little bit better than we’ve been raised to do. Because the world is beautiful, and “you only live once” has never felt more real. Pic of @stonehartjewelry and @ben_teton .
#jamaica #rockdiving #insecurities #yolo #bluewater #bluelagoon

Just a casual stroll with @makaelayaheard and @hkassel in Silverlake last week. The comfiest Pillow sweater is out in “mousse” long sleeves, big pocket, great hood, softest ever. it’s a beige dreamland. @selkie .
#newbrand #comfy #fallwardrobe #streetstyle #floral #flowerhair #floralhair #roses

When your friends parents house has carpets. 🎀🤲🏾✨@Selkie *
#selkiecollection #selkie #pastel #carpets #interior #80sinterior

The city pant in black may be sold out, but the pillow trousers just landed in BLACK! They are so worth trying on. Soft as silk. @zizhanma0829 is a size small and 5’9 wearing a large for length! @katiusha_feofanova is 5’7 and xs wearing a small. Adjustable waistbands allow for complete baggy lives.

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