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Kimberley Gordon  PHOTOGRAPHER/DESIGNER New clothing line @SELKIE • former WILDFOX co-Founder •♀️Feminist• Entrepreneur• photography bookings please email 🖤

#tbt to making these jeans a couple years ago. So much fun to hand paint. #handpaintedjeans #handpainted #hippy #hippyjeans #bellbottoms

Happy Earth Day. 💕 some treats from “Earth girls are easy” 📺 starring my favorite, @gdigm #aesthetic #80s #pink #pastel #earthgirlsareeasy #tbt #vintage

Pretending we’re in 🇮🇹 this hot Sunday. Kae brunch on the deck 🥚🥚🍞🍊 #localproduce @cookbookmarket #localeggs #breakfast #brunch #plating

Queen @katiusha_feofanova love shooting her. Def need to plan a vintage gothic campaign for @selkie next year, ⚫️🖤 #gothic #marieantoinette #lingeriemodel #vintagehair #kimberleygordon

When we were kids, on the weekends, we used to spend all day at the public pool. It was indoors (of course, because it was always raining 🇬🇧) and we brought our kits filled with swimming costumes and head & shoulders 2 in one shampoo. We played the mermaid game, you’d have to pick your tail and hair color and a mermaid name. We would leave right as they were closing, reeking of chlorine, stopping for slush puppies and chocolate bars from the vending machines, and walk home with the wind turning our wet hair into ice. I miss the days when you could disappear into characters, sometimes it’s fun to throw on a wig and wonder who you might have been... real life mermaid game. I always feel I lived during the 20s, My name was Gerty, pawning fur coats and Drinking bootleg liquor in underground bars. Brunette. ❤️Who were you? #character #imagination #haircolor #wiglife #nostalgia #roaring20s

Beautiful day at home in LA

Overprotected... 🌸 What’s YOUR Britney song? #britneyspears #90sfashion #90s

What’s in the mail? Biodegradable shipping bags 🍧 with an August launch month it’s gonna be a wild summer. #biodegradable #packaging

She’s the color of the floor and I’m the walls. Lol. @jamealynee for @shopcosabella today #cosabella #bts #lingerie #melaninpoppin #paleasaghost

I’m so sick of seeing comments under pictures of “plus” size models (some are my friends) that shame the poster and the model for “promoting obesity, and unhealthy lifestyles” it’s absurd. In person you hardly even notice these women are bigger at all. You’re just wowed by their stunning looks, to be honest! Women have had different body types and shapes since women existed, and at some points in history larger bodies were celebrated and looked at as “healthy.” The above paintings from 1909 are by Norman Lindsay. Do you think people gathered around and talked about how these women are “whales” or obese? What is wrong with today’s judgmental observers!? Have they no shame? No sense of art? I’m disgusted that people could possibly think that showing fat on a woman promotes obesity. You know what ACTUALLY celebrates and promotes obesity? Companies that use any excessive sugar, dairy and meat in their products- all of those companies and ALL of their ads. Showing women with different body types really only helps women (who DO EXIST) that have this body type to get some confidence, stop hiding from society, stop crying in the mirror and make their lives better. If that’s not healthy, then I don’t know what the f*^%^ is. People who think anorexia and eating disorders are always visible on a body are so wrong. A lot of women deemed “healthy” are obsessing over their diets, exercising to the point of danger, and missing out on so much happiness over their mental state, yet no one would ever look at them and say “you need to get it together” it’s more like, “she’s hot to me, so i don’t care. Healthy.” ⚫️ Have an open mind, please. Different looks are beautiful. Women should never have to suffer silently over their weight... shamed into dark corners and baggy clothes. #bodyshaming #femisim #riotsnotdiets #fatshaming #fineart #fatisart #womenareart #feminist #nobodyputsbabyinthecorner

If Napoleon lived in South-beach and had cable, what show would he binge watch? #bts today in this hidden gem of a mansion... ? @shopcosabella #cosabella #marieantoinette #napolean #scarface

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