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Until it put up with shit because you don't know any differently.

Until it happens... you think that slightly awkward moments are normal in a relationship, and of course you run out of things to say.

Until it happens... you think that what you wear, how you look, how you talk, smell, behave, live, what you watch, eat, drink will make or break everything.

When it happens, and you meet your one.. its like...

Rebecca and Michael @tamburlaineweddings with @16strings_quartet

I was on the phone to a bride recently and she said something interesting, She said “My Mum and Dad are happy for me to do whatever I want.. but everytime I tell my friends that we aren’t having matching bridesmaid dresses and we are not even having a wedding cake they have a mental breakdown.”
We laughed for a bit, and then it felt kinda sucky for this girl – who was working very hard to have the kind of wedding she and her partner wanted – but was fighting a battle against her very nearest and dearest friends.
And I have no doubt these friends meant well.
I have no doubt that most people who “suggest” things that should happen at weddings mean well. But what really needs to happen, from this moment, right now, is that we need to throw away this ridiculous wedding rulebook that sits somewhere between matching table sashes and buying outlandish gifts from your guests (whose meal and drinks you just paid for) and who bought you a gift to celebrant your wedding day.
Can it please just stop.
I’m not actually saying, don’t match chair sashes, or give gifts to your guests. I would be as guilty as the people I am talking about if I were to do that. What I am saying.. is that when your best friend tells you “I’m not having a professional wedding photographer, or a cake, or wearing a white dress” When that happens.. instead of blowing your stack and making her feel really crap about a decision she was really happy with 3 seconds ago, stop. Say “That’s great” and if you can’t say “Awesome” don’t say anything.
Keep your mouth shut.
Go home and write in your personalised wedding diary where you keep all your “When I get married” ideas. Write it down so you can remember it for your big day and YOU can do it when your time comes.
But this is not your time, it's hers.
Then only then, ring your friend. Listen to her plans, offer suggestions that suit her day and her plans – tell her you love her ideas. Because weddings are only a day – but like marriages, friendships last a lifetime.

About to present a workshop to 200 people on Facebook engagement. #nobiggie

Tennille and Mathew at @riverwooddowns with @brycenoonephoto

When I say make some... you say...? #classickez #knees #wtf

Jen and Ben #amazeballs

Sean and Andi at Valentine

When parts of the ceremony are only to be heard on the ACTUAL day...

Not so long ago, I was mid ceremony, doing my thing.. and a bird poo'd on me. I took it as a reflection that the bird thought I was talking **it. #damnbirds

When the celebrant gets pooped on by a bird mid ceremony 😂📷😂 @wedbykez #poop #weddingceremony #figtree #candidweddingphotography #weddingphotography #bride #groom #laughter #weddingdress #centralcoastweddingphotographer #centralcoastwedding #fernbankfarm @fernbankfarm 📷: @somethingblueau

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