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  I only debate with my equals, everyone else I teach.

Remember when the bay was really lit. #LegendsNeverDie #MacDre #2Pac #TheJacka

They still hatin on Pac. A brotha that only lived to 25. Niggas damm near 50 hatin on a young nigga who been dead 20 years. #FuckFunkFlex

We the real #SuperMinority. From Frisco to EPA they done destroyed our footprint in the west bay. If you black and are blessed to own...you must stay and thrive. They act like we don't even exist out here. #FuckForcedGentrafication #IMissTheOldBay

Mama they got it set up for a nigga to lose, but yet I still choose to put my faith in black jesus. #GodIsGreater #ThisWorldIsATest #WeWinInTheEnd

Fuck this bay area shit. $800 to rent a closet in redwood, this shit killing me. I work 3 jobs some days, and still can't save shit. But I'm stuck a brotha can't find no job in sac, stockton, or Modesto that's gonna improve the quality of my life. #IdRatherBeHomelessInTheBayThanStruggleInTheValley

Future hold his son like a large cup of lean. #Lean #WuTangIsForTheChildren

Slapping this nigga album all weekend. #KendrickLamar #Damn #NoCoachellaForMe

Napping on the job, I mean jobs. #ThreeJobsLikeAJamaican

Rest In Power. One of the illest. #KingJack

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