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memes  💊Xan og 👀Watermark means oc

I haven't had internet all day lol

Bruh if you like my shit consistently I lowkey love you😘 drop a W

Jake Paul = savior of the rap game

That shit going in the garbage💀

I used to hate when I was just minding my own business and some random dude pantsed me🤧

BRUH LIKE THIS TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM LEVEL OF WOKITIVITY (update: clearly the i at the end of "illuminati" is not an e. It clearly looks like an i you can even see the faint mark above the i)

They had some high expectations putting 30 something registers in their store

My boy Jesus got the upgrades

When I see Mr. Krabs I think of one of those old dudes on the beach with a wrinkly six pack💀😂😂

Bro that pic is straight sick dawg👀

Bruh I love these types of memes so much😂😂

Screw you mom😈

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