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WebCorrectly  Webcorrectly develops brands with cutting-edge strategy. We provide a path for success and awareness. #webcorrectly #websites #wordpress

I try to keep up with web development trends but it’s hard to keep pace since it’s such a fast evolving field. Barely a week goes by without the release of a new JS framework, elaborate build tool or testing suite — all of them touted as the one to learn. Sorting the hype from the genuinely useful is no mean feat, so my aim in this article is to summarise some of the most interesting happenings that web development saw in the last year, and what trends we expect to see more of in 2019.

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Did you know that WebCorrectly offers web hosting? We take care of backups, malware and virus scanning, hacker protection, broken link fixes, domain name management, and more. Your site’s load speed and performance are absolutely critical. A site that won’t load will not attract or engage customers. Poor load speeds can also negatively affect your site’s search engine ranking. We offer services that continually monitor for and fix these problems, so that your site is always working in your favor. Check out this article by @huffpost for the top reasons why the right web hosting is crucial for your business. Link in bio. #webhosting #conversion #responsivedesign

This article by @fastcompany explores the best and worst branding of 2018, including campaigns by @uber, @ocasio2018, and @google. Link in bio. Is your brand prepared for 2019? #branding #best #prepared

Game-changing technology often includes components that are automated for the customer or user. Today, many companies are looking at how to use artificial intelligence to make their technology more responsive. But how much automation is too much? In this article by @forbes, @higgs77, CEO and founder of Solutionreach, discusses how lifetime value comes from helping customers transform the way they operate their business and then consistently delivering updates and following through on roadmap items to continue evolving the customer’s business. Link in bio. WebCorrectly follows this model in our delivery of digital marketing by ensuring authenticity and engagement. Automation is great, but when overused, it can be less than the sum of its parts. #automation #authentic #digitalmarketing

Wishing you a wonderful and awe-filled holiday. #holidayseason #celebrate #grateful

This Christmas Eve is the 50th anniversary of the moment when the crew of the Apollo 8 watched "Earthrise" for the first time. Using technology, @nasa gave Earth a historic gift in that moment. Link in bio for the full article in @forbes. Wishing everyone a safe, awe-filled holiday. #christmaseve #technology #grateful

In this article by @wired, Brian Barrett explains how judgment calls by tech industry leaders combined with new legislative measures are set to give consumers more control over their data than ever before. Link in bio. Cyber security is paramount for businesses who deal with the sensitive information of their clients. WebCorrectly provides encryption and cyber security measures to keep you and your clients' information safe. #cybersecurity #business #consumers

The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly year after year. But that doesn’t mean that your eCommerce business is necessarily growing at the speed you’d like. Good web design is one of the most effective growth tools for an eCommerce business. In this article by @forbes, Katie Lundin from @crowdspringhq identifies 6 ways to improve your website to boost sales. At WebCorrectly, we offer these services and more. Link in bio. #sales #website #ecommercebusiness

Looking to donate during the holidays? AnnieCannons is an education nonprofit that works with survivors of human trafficking, teaching them tech skills so that they can achieve financial independence. A major part of their mission involves galvanizing tech pros and students of the program to help create software to address the continuing issues of human trafficking around the globe, so that every student who goes through the program is helping more survivors. Donate through the link in bio. #education #software #survivor

Data is a key component in driving decisions when it comes to consumer behavior and marketing strategies. There is a lot that marketers can learn from data collection that can be helpful in creating a concise customer journey and increase conversions. However, with all this information comes challenges. This article in @forbes addresses the strategies and tools businesses need to make the most of their data. Link in bio. #marketingstrategy #conversion #generation

In this article by @entrepreneur, Sam Sayer, creative directer at @detype, explains how a successful brand can get you customers, and enable you to keep them at the same time. The first thing you should do, however, is to tell them what your brand is all about. You can build your brand through web design. WebCorrectly specializes in integrated branding and web design.#webdesign #branding #integrate

Overnight success takes years to create. Check the link in bio to see the @newsday article in which @johnlincoln, CEO of @ignitevisibility, suggests that now is the time for businesses to budget for an ongoing digital marketing strategy. WebCorrectly can do the research necessary to optimize your ROI on that investment. #digitalmarketing #success #optimize

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