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Alex Webb/Rebecca Norris Webb  Together & apart, Alex & Rebecca have authored 18 books, including The Suffering of Light (AW), My Dakota (RNW), La Calle (AW) & Slant Rhymes (AW/RNW)


LAST DAY TO APPLY: Finding Your Vision: NYC, May 2018. See link in profile to apply online. Photo: Alex Webb, Contramaestre, Cuba, 1993, from Violet Isle (with Rebecca Norris Webb), 2nd ed., Jan. 2018. Please consider supporting the printing of this new edition by our small nonprofit publisher, @radius.books, by pre-buying a limited ed. of Violet Isle--or a signed copy of the book--online at link in profile. #findingyourvision #violetisle #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

“In this collection, we eavesdrop on two friends slanting their truths toward one another; two partners sharing memories, curiosities, and affections...It’s a conversation—intimate, illuminating, and circuitous. (‘Success in circuit lies,’ says Dickinson). For Alex, it’s an ‘unfinished love poem.’ For Rebecca, ‘A gift, this distance we’ve traveled so far.’ “—Collier Brown, from his book review of Slant Rhymes on Photo-Eye. See link in profile. Photo: (R) Alex Webb, Rochester, NY, 2012, (L) Rebecca Norris Webb, Turin, Italy, 2003, book spread from Slant Rhymes @lafabrica_ and @artbook. #slantrhymes #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

We’re so pleased that @radius.books is reprinting our long sold-out 2009 "Violet Isle: A Duet of Photographs from Cuba." Like many small nonprofit publishers, Radius needs your help to cover the book’s printing costs, so please consider supporting Violet Isle by ordering a limited edition of the book (ed. of 100; $200) that comes with a signed and numbered book and two signed 5x7-inch prints—one of Rebecca’s (swipe right), and one of Alex’s (swipe right again)—printed on archival paper. Or please consider pre-buying a trade edition of the book, which comes in a cardboard slipcase (signed $65; unsigned $60) referencing the tradition in Cuba of making books from cardboard, string, or other common materials. See link in profile to order either option. Thanks for helping in any way you can, including sharing this with friends. Photos: Violet Isle cover with slipcase; Rebecca Norris Webb, Havana, 2008 (cover image), and Alex Webb, Havana, all from Violet Isle. #violetisle #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

LAST WEEK TO APPLY: You have until Sunday, Sept. 24, to apply for FINDING YOUR VISION: NYC, May 4-May 9, 2018. You’ll be notified of acceptance by Oct. 2, although international students can request early acceptance. See link in profile. Photos: (L) ©Alex Webb, Havana and (R) ©Rebecca Norris Webb, Blackbirds; both from Slant Rhymes @lafabrica_ and @artbook. #findingyourvision #slantrhymes

I woke to more rain, and felt in the dark
for how wet the sill was, then rolled back
to my radio, and a midnight preacher
in my earphone teaching about sin.
I learned that punishment would come
like lightning that surprises an innocent shore.
Thunder would follow me all my days,
stern reminder and sharp rebuke.
The long, sleek, and pointed call
that rose, as if in response, out of the estuary
of night and storm, said it knew well
what the given world gave, and wanted more.
—Fred Marchant. Photos: (L) Alex Webb, Erie, Pa.; (R) Rebecca Norris
Webb, Storm Light; both from Slant Rhymes @lafabrica_ and @artbook. See link in profile. #slantrhymes #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

As you can see, it’s hard to tell my country doctor father and me apart sometimes. (I’m the one without the tongue depressor in my pocket.)—Rebecca Norris Webb. Photo: Mom, “Look Alikes,” from Night Calls. #nightcalls #rebeccanorriswebb

“In a way I spend my entire life stealing from everything—from the past, from cities I love, from where I grew up—grabbing things, taking not only from architecture but from Italy, art, writing, poetry, music.”—Architect Renzo Piano, who turns 80 today. Photo: Alex Webb, Malta’s City Gate designed by Renzo Piano, Valleta, Malta, 2016. APPLICATIONS OPEN: Finding Your Vision: NYC, May 4-9, 2018. International students can request early acceptance. See link in profile. #alexwebb #findingyourvision

NEW WORKSHOP: Applications open today for FINDING YOUR VISION: NYC, May 4-9, 2018. Our workshops tend to fill up rather quickly, so we’d suggest you apply soonest if you’re interested. See link in profile for details. Photos: (L) Rebecca Norris Webb, Brooklyn, 2016, (R) Alex Webb, Brooklyn, 2016; both from Slant Rhymes @lafabrica_ and @artbook. #slantrhymes #findingyourvision #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

We’re honored that our Violet Isle photographs—including these two from Havana—are part of CUBA IS, an exhibition @annenbergspace in LA, Sept. 9, 2017-March 4, 2018, along with work by our dear friends, Cuban photographers Leysis Quesada and Raúl Cañibano, as well as work by Elliott Erwitt, @michaelchristopherbrown, among others. Unfortunately, we can’t make the opening Friday night, but we’ll be giving a talk, “On Cuba and Collaboration,” January 25, 2018 at the Annenberg Space for Photography. @radius.books. Photos: (L) Alex Webb, Havana, 1993; (R) Rebecca Norris Webb, Havana, 2008, both from Slant Rhymes: @lafabrica_ and @artbook. See link in profile for interview, slideshow. #CubaIs #slantrhymes #violetisle #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

“For some thirty years, we keep pouring words and images into the space between us, trying to fill it up.”—Rebecca Norris Webb “Is this our beautiful and impossible task?”—Alex Webb, from Slant Rhymes, see link in profile. Photos: (L) Rebecca Norris Webb, Rochester, NY, 2013; (R) Alex Webb, Kochi, India, 2014, both from Slant Rhymes @lafabrica_ and @artbook. #slantrhymes #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

"The summer demands and takes away too much. /But night, the reserved, the reticent, gives more than it takes..."--John Ashbery, from "Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror," b. July 28, 1927, Rochester, NY-d. Sept. 3, 2017, Hudson, NY. Photo: Rebecca Norris Webb, Looking South, August, 2017, from Night Calls. #in_memoriam #nightcalls #rebeccanorriswebb

For the past two months, I feel a curious need to be in the company of swans. Mute swans that, it just so happens, aren’t actually mute; something I love about them. And such an otherworldly call—so hushed you have to lean into the darkness to hear their plaintive, counter-tenor cry. Last light, I watch their seven luminous bodies drift closer. Why are they calling to me? Do they think I will feed them? Perhaps it’s because I know too much about them — that those hauntingly beautiful swan songs before death are nothing but sheer myth. Or is it the fact that two people I love are dying so quietly, that each time they call, I hear between their words that same baroque minor key.—Rebecca Norris Webb, for my dear friend, Debra McGehee, who died August 31, 2017 after battling the pain of rheumatoid arthritis with courage, humor, and grace for nearly 40 years. Photos: (First one) Rebecca Norris Webb, Mute Swan, 2016; (Second one, swipe to right) Alex Webb, Brooklyn, 2014, both from Slant Rhymes (See link in profile for slide show, interview). #in_memoriam #slantrhymes #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

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