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Grant Weaver  Personal Trainer out of HiFi Fitness, Chicago 💪🏻🍖🍺🌃🔊


Pineapple barbecue pork tacos from last nights taco Tuesday complements of chef @meggo1391 and I (I stirred the sauce and heated the tortillas in the oven)

Max out week for @sally.roth ended in two PRs on squats (190) and sumo deads (225). We were actually hitting 5 lb PRs pretty much every week leading up to this so this was probably one of the best weeks of training ever.
A couple things to take note of- for one she takes in as much air as humanly possible into her stomach before each rep to brace her abs against, this will greatly increase intra abdominal pressure to not only protect her spine but also create a much more stable connection between the upper and lower body.
Next, we have been doing the deads slightly elevated to work through a slight muscle imbalance from a while ago that has since been fixed, but we had spent so much time training these from 2 blocks and then one that I figured that it'd make more sense to keep doing the heavy pulls from here.
The light band attached to the dumbbell is there to cue her to sit back into the weight and better engage her posterior chain. I picked this technique up from @mad_scientist_duffin at his @kabukistrengthlab seminar this summer as a way to help clean up "squatty" dead lifts and better engage the lats, and her sumos felt way better leaving the light band on so I figured we'd just run the entire block with it there.
Lastly, take note that she isn't using straps or a mixed grip on a ONE REP MAX. That green band doesn't do much more than to cue her lats to fire and keep the tension back in her hips, but it's definitely adding force in another plane making this even more challenging on her grip, which is actually stronger than many men I see in the gym. Don't neglect grip training!! We ran an entire 6 week block a while back with the goal only to improve grip strength, I'd advise a lot of people to try that and see how much stronger it gets. Overall awesome job Sally!

If you feel perpetually tired and draggy 😴 during the day, take a look at how you're structuring your macronutrient timing. The majority of the energy we expend while sedentary comes from fats 🍳 where as our main energy source for exercise come from carbs 🥔. Therefore wouldn't it make sense to consume less carbs and more fats when we're resting and vice versa closer to workout time? Too many people start their day with a bunch of carbs (and often times shitty nutrient empty carbs) and are sleepy by 10 am.
Today I have a very light training schedule so I will be reading and writing programs most of the day until I work out and train my evening clients. Therefore for breakfast I'm having scrambled eggs w cheese, uncured pepper turkey bacon and a venison stick (thanks @joshnopar). Literally all protein and fat, zero carbs. Lunch will be pasta, edamame, and ahi tuna. So pretty much all protein and carbs, practically zero fat. I'll be working out shortly after lunch, so the giant serving of pasta will fuel my lift
The link in my profile goes to all my nutrition blogs I've posted this year, so for more in depth information (along w a few recipes) check those out! And if you still need help don't hesitate to reach out to me for online or in person nutrition coaching!

Newest blog for @the_chopping_block is up- how to make overnight oats and egg muffins, two nutrient dense breakfast meals you can make the night before and eat on the go, for those who say they don't have time for breakfast
Link to all my blogs is in bio. In addition to writing a monthly blog chopping blog I'm beginning a personal blog as well covering more exercise related topics, so if there's anything you're interested in hearing about let me know in the comments or DM me!

@can.ttakemeanywhere hitting a PR 165 lb squat today. We actually never really trained barbell back squats until February this year, starting at 3x10@65 and slowly working our way up since then. Awesome work!

I was messing around with some different movements on a deload week a while ago and came up with these unilateral landmine dead lifts. These absolutely smoke your lats and obliques, similar feel to a landmine rotation but the weight is not limited by shoulder strength so therefore the obliques get quite a bit more stimulus from the added load. Try 3 sets of 5-8 reps/ side towards the end of a pull focused day
With summer winding down I'm opening my availability up again, still have 2 prime time slots open as well as multiple lunchtime slots so if you are interested in training DM me for a free consultation!

Drinking my greens tonight

Bird dogs are basically upside down dead bugs which also train anti extension, and I love them almost as much as dead bugs, however they're one of the most butchered exercises I see in the gym. If you're getting any lumbar spine extension as you do them you're just continuing to groove a faulty pattern and your low back isn't gonna thank you.
That being said, if you've mastered the basic dead bug here's a nice progression of it in the same vein as the banded dead bug I posted yesterday. Again make sure to ONLY be extending at the hip and shoulder and NOT in the lumbar spine. A regression of this is to simply keep the arms static and only extend the leg. After the first couple reps I (attempt) to show you an extremely advanced progression with the back supported toe off the ground. This is one of the hardest core stability exercises I've ever tried but if you've gotten a hang of these with the band, this is the next logical step.
Side note- If you're doing any progression of a dead bug and still engaging your low back, try putting a slider or 2.5 lb plate under your back toe and simply pushing it backwards and then slightly lifting the leg up. This often cleans up this movement

I love dead bugs and all their variations for training anti extension and overall core rigidity. Give this progression a try if you've mastered these with weight or bands in both hands, as with any dead bugs there should be no gap between the lumbar spine and the floor as the shoulder and hip extends. These are pretty challenging and will also elicit a pretty good glute pump so long as you perform them properly with the glute creating hip extension vs the erectors creating lumbar extension

@jpup306 performing ring assisted pull-ups. I like these over band assisted pull-ups for a couple reasons. For one, the band assistance decreases at the top of the movement which is usually the hardest part of the pull aside from the initiation. Also, the individual can regulate the amount of assistance needed from the legs. As long as you maintain a relatively vertical torso these are pretty close to correct pull-up form in which the legs and core are in hollow body position. Make sure to have the feet out in front a bit or else it becomes too easy to just squat up into the top position.

LFG #buckeyes

Swordfish, sautéed Brussels sprouts, and baked spaghetti squash. Compliments of chef @meggo1391

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