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Grant Weaver  Personal Trainer out of HiFi Fitness, Chicago. Connoisseur of craft beer 🍻 and death metal 👹

Here’s a great exercise to absolutely crush your legs with relatively light weights. Forward/reverse lunges essentially double the workload of a given rep range since you’re going both directions. They’re much more effective performed in continuous fashion with no pause in the middle than taking a second to stop between direction change. Stopping would create a brief break in tension on the planted leg, so they way I’m doing them here essentially keeps the leg under a load the entire set. Take a solid break between legs since they’re both working each rep here

Ditch the leg extension machine and try these heel elevated split squats to finish off your leg day next time. I used to absolutely love the leg extension until my already messed up left knee literally exploded doing a heavy set 5 years ago and ended up with my patella hanging out on the lateral aspect of my leg. I no longer have any integrity left (might actually not even have the ligament attached anymore tbh) in my patellofemoral ligament so I can’t do leg extensions anymore with any sort of growth stimulating weight. High rep leg elevated split squats and squats, sled drags, and narrow stance leg presses have been my go to metabolic work for quads but aside from the sled drags they can be pretty taxing. These actually felt pretty good today and with no weight aren’t really adding any strain to my nervous system at all. Try doing 2-4 sets of 20-40 reps at the end of your leg day with minimal rest between sets and a slow tempo, making sure to not lockout at the top to maintain tension on the quads.

Pivot press: Here’s another gem I stole from @dr.joelseedman_ahp . Performing bench presses in this fashion is great to reinforce proper total body rigidity as the torso is forced to create stiffness instead of being allowed to passively lay on a bench. Perform the concentric portion flat and then drop the hips as though you are performing the negative portion of a hip thrust. This will set you at an incline bench position, in which pretty much everyone is weaker than flat. Since you’re only doing the eccentric component for incline you’ll be able handle more weight than you would if you were to do all of concentric parts as well. The pivoting mid reps adds a decent amount of time to each rep so you’ll be under tension quite a bit longer than doing regular reps as well, which is obviously a plus if your goal is to build muscle. I actually did these as the last exercise in my chest workout in place of manual resistance flyes, these are also great for lower reps as a primary or secondary pressing movement

No one knows how to brew a beer like @pipeworksbrewing
With calories continuing to increase I’m still doing my best to keep roughly 80% of my eating what some would call “clean”, but as I approach the 3700-4000 mark this gives me a nice chunk of fun ones to play with. Usually I’ll have a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal before lifting for some fast digesting carbs that won’t sit in my stomach, and finish the evening with a beer or two.

This is why it’s important to stay current with research, as well as to learn how to read studies and see flaws in them. There are lots of things I recommended to clients a couple years ago that I’ve made a 180 on. I will say the one reason I’ll still sometimes suggest BCAAs is if I know a client isn’t getting enough protein and they don’t like drinking protein shakes.
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Here’s a powerpoint slide from my talk on supplements, where I discuss how BCAA supps are nothing more than expensive, redundant calories.

The high-quality proteins in our diets are comprised of roughly 18-26% BCAA as it is. Supplementing with extra BCAA on top of that can range from adding extra unnecessary calories (and metabolic burden), to potentially inhibiting optimal use of ingested amino acids.

It's LOL to supp with BCAA to begin with, instead of an intact, high-quality protein such as whey, which provides the rest of the EAAs as well as other co-factors for anabolism. But it’s all moot if you're getting enough total daily protein anyway. Protein intake for the primary goal of muscle growth is optimized at 1.6-2.2 g/kg (0.7-1.0 g/lb).

All of the BCAA supplementation research compares BCAA with a non-nitrogenous placebo, or nothing at all. None of the studies - including studies on muscle soreness - compare BCAA with an isocaloric dose of protein (let alone doing that within a protein-optimized diet). I scoured the literature and found that the studies showing no effects outnumber the studies showing positive effects (on body comp and/or exercise performance) by 2 to 1. Bottom line: BCAAs are a bad bet.

The claim that BCAA supplementation is crucial for vegans is misleading as well. The essential amino acids (EAAs) whose bioavailability is most commonly affected by vegan diets include methionine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, lysine, and threonine. So, for this population, it’s about achieving overall completeness, not just BCAA.

New @the_chopping_block blog post is up. Can’t stop thinkin bout thos beans so here’s a chili recipe
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Most of the ways people try to relieve hamstring tightness are entirely useless. If you have anterior pelvic tilt your hamstrings will feel tight but stretching them will make it worse. If you have weak abs or aren’t proficient at bracing your core, your hamstrings will often feel tight because the body will look for stability elsewhere than the deactivated core. And finally, if you’re tossing your leg on a bench and just reaching as far as you possibly can, you’re probably rounding through your entire spine, and whatever portion of the hamstring that’s actually getting lengthened is probably the loosest part anyways.
Try these seated active quad tensioned hamstring stretches instead. Sitting on a high box will eliminate improper pelvis alignment to start. From there, lock down your abs, grab the box as hard as humanly possible and brace your entire body like you are preparing to dead lift. Then maximally contract your quads to slowly extend your legs. This will create reciprocal inhibition which will signal the hamstrings to deactivate. Make sure to keep your low back perfectly neutral- this will he harder than it looks. I hold massive amounts of tension back there so this is actually a max effort drill for me to just get them to almost straighten out. For variations try doing these one leg at a time, playing around with plantarflexion into dorsiflexion it’s the ankle as I demonstrated, or simply hinge forward a bit more to get a deeper stretch. If you’re maintaining core rigidity and a neutral lumbar spine you will not be able to cheat these. If you want to take it further stick a lacrosse ball under a matted down chunk of tissue while doing this and try not to cry

I’ve really been liking using “primer” movements immediately before big compound lifts with my clients and myself lately to make the movements feel smoother and create a better mind muscle connection. Here’s Aaron performing some slingshot bridges to fire up the glutes and some straight arm banded lat pull downs to tension the lats and core immediately before pulling some RDLs.

Block two of my hypertrophy program started this week. First time in quite a while I've vomited during a workout, and today it happened midway through the split squats and again at the end after doing with reverse hypers 🤢🤮🤷‍♂️. Knocked all this stuff out in 90 minutes. Calories are increasing and I’m definitely the leanest I’ve ever been at 200 lbs.
A. Barbell bridge 3x15 ramp sets, 4x15 work sets
B. Front squat 4x8 ramp sets, 4x8 work sets
C. Front foot elevated split squats 2x12 ramp sets, 4x12 work sets
D. DB RDL 2x10 ramp sets, 4x10 work sets
E1. Reverse hyper 5x20
E2. Body weight paused calf raise 5x20 with ten second pause on rep 10 and 20

On the surface this might just look like a big ass bowl of overnight oats...however hidden inside are five crushed up Girl Scout thin mints 😋🍪. This whole bowl was 1200 cals and the thin mints made up about 250 of that so about as good an example as it gets of the 80/20 rule when it comes to nutrition •

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Stop 🛑 doing this with your t spine rotations 👎
Here’s another oft butchered exercise I see on a daily basis (and have been guilty of fucking up myself 🙊). The goal of a side lying windmill or whatever you want to call these is to improve shoulder function via mobilization of the thoracic spine. In the first video there is some upper back rotation but most of the range of motion comes from just reaching way back with the shoulder. This is not how the shoulder was meant to function- the shoulder and T spine work as a unit, if the upper back is tight the body will look for extra ROM from the AC joint. It will find that range of motion, but soon tighten back up, leaving the joint feeling stiffer than before. And what do we all feel like doing to a stuff joint? Stretch it. This begins a process of stretching and stiffening that will also create even more tightness in the upper back, because the body is always going to look to find that stability from somewhere.
I usually have my clients (and myself at this point as most of my joint are severely hyper mobile) perform the second version of this drill, where the actual angle of the shoulder joint stays constant the entire time, and 100% of the movement is forced to come from the scapula and T spine. If you have decent motor control and can first rotate through the scapula and then finish with a little more stretch through the delt, by all means go for it. But from what I’ve seen most of the people who need to be doing this drill might not have that and will end up making this mistake. You’ll find you get a much better response with the variation in the second video, and should feel a significant improvement even after just 5-6 intense reps. Make sure to brace your core and stiffen pretty much the entire body from the mid back down- if we have stability through the rest of the chain then this portion will be that much easier to mobilize.

Give these isometric bird dog holds a try as part of your next warm up. The goal with these is to create as much total body tension as humanly possible without having any lumbar hyper extension, sort of like an RKC plank. Make sure to screw your palm into the ground to fire up your external rotators of the planted arm, keep the low trap engaged in the raised arm, the hip flexor firing on the planted leg and the glute maximally contracted on the extended leg. 5-15 second hold would be appropriate here. This is one of the most badly butchered exercises I see in the gym, if your trainer is having you do these for a bunch of quick sloppy reps and all you feel is your low back turning on it’s probably time to look for a new trainer 🙃

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