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Grant Weaver  Personal Trainer out of HiFi Fitness, Chicago 💪🏻🍖🍺🌃🔊www.TranscendingLimitations.com


When I was 10 I bought this CD. It was the first one I ever owned and it was the only one I owned for a long time. I carried my Walkman everywhere listening to it over and over and over, and eventually my musical taste expanded to the encyclopedia of metal it has now transformed into. I only started lifting weights at age 13 because I needed an outlet for the adrenaline that listening to heavy music gave me. So while I may no longer spend much time listening to old school alternative metal, there's a very good chance that I would have turned out a very different person without this album. RIP Chester. Hybrid theory for the rest of this weeks lifting.

Another blog up for @the_chopping_block , this one goes over a couple health benefits of grilling food and how to intelligently overindulge here and there without blowing your diet. Link in bio

Longitudinal trap bar push-ups. These are an awesome way to increase intensity on push-ups while being forced to use absolutely perfect form. Stole from @dr.joelseedman_ahp Any imbalance in pressing mechanics will cause the bar to roll so you must maintain even total body tension and press perfectly symmetrically each rep.

Neutral grip meadows rows. Simply throw a clip on the end of a barbell in a land mine setup and loop a handle under it. You can do these free standing as well but I find when going heavy you're limited more by you're core strength than back strength so I opt for a bench- even here my abs are on fire trying to keep my spine neutral. I've done these later in a workout with lighter weight but like them better as an early lift to go heavy on, started my back day today w 4x8@165. You can use substantial weight without the low back being the weak link like with traditional barbell bent over rows.

@meggo1391 made taco Tuesday last night. Yes I know it was Wednesday. I was in a shit mood and wanted tacos and alcohol
I haven't been tracking macros for a week now bc I'm steadily losing about .5 lbs a week on average and am confident I end up like within 10% of my numbers. Meg's dinner was two less tacos and only slightly less meat and still under 600 calories (46g protein, 56g carbs, 20g fat) so mine was probably around 900 calories. Making homemade tacos with lean meat (96/4 ground beef in this case) is actually a pretty healthy and well balanced meal from a macronutrient standpoint so start making them yourself and stop eating them out and you'll get to satisfy your taco craving for a relatively low calorie dinner, especially if took it a step further and ate them in lettuce instead of tortillas.
@meggo1391 posted the agave nectar margarita recipe which is also a way lower calorie alternative to regular margaritas

@can.ttakemeanywhere performing Bench Press RNT (reactive neuromuscular training) on the pulldown machine. I learned these at the @kabukistrengthlab seminar that @mad_scientist_duffin hosted several weeks back. Ideally they would be set up on a bench press rowing the bar into the chest with it supported by super bands hanging from a power track but I couldn't find two equal tension bands so we made do with what we had. When benching, the lats play as big of a role as the pecs, their function is simply to contract isometrically to stabilize the spine and shoulder complex. If your lats aren't turned on all the way or you don't know what that's supposed to feel like, try these out but be sure you're pull from your back and not your forearms, which we corrected around rep three in this video by cueing the pinky to squeeze harder. You can also set a bench behind the station and load these heavier with a partner holding your chest down from getting pulled up, which is how these were taught but if you don't feel your lats engaging on bench this setup will still do the trick, albeit not quite as effectively as the barbell/bench/hanging superband setup.

New @the_chopping_block blog post went up last week, outlining my typical day of eating and strategies you can take from how I structure my meals. Link in bio

Flexible dieting = having bacon pieces on top of your plate of whole, real food and a beer to wash it down
Flexible dieting does not mean eat junk food all day so long as "it fits your macros"

Happy birthday Meg! Can't wait to continue your birthday week! Summer officially starts today haha. I love you!

I have now been lifting weights for over half of the time I've been alive. I have a degree in Kinesiology, completed a 3 month internship where I learned advanced programming methods and trained pro athletes, and have like 5 different certifications. I have spent thousands of hours watching YouTube videos, reading textbooks and articles, and soaking up everything I can about training, nutrition, and fitness in general. I have trained for and competed in amateur strongman, powerlifting, and bodybuilding contests....In the 20 or so hours I got to spend this past weekend learning from and being coached by @mad_scientist_duffin and the @kabukistrengthlab team I picked up more applicable information with regards to lifting mechanics, setup, movement prep, and corrective exercise than I have since the age of 14. Myself and the majority of the 40-50 seasoned lifters, trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors felt like we had got under a barbell for the first time at this seminar with the amount of novel information we received this weekend. I cannot express my thanks enough to them and suggest that anyone who lifts weights go out of their way to attend a KMS seminar.

@jpup306 performing a monster glute circuit after her dead lifts. We hit glutes heavy 3x a week with variations of hip thrusts, squats, dead lifts, and lunges, and recently began incorporating a day of lighter glute pump work as shown in this circuit. NOTE: these types of exercises should be a complement to heavy barbell and dumbbell work, NOT a replacement. These are a great way to add in a lot of work volume without stressing the joints or nervous system and creating massive amounts of metabolic stress. Nothing like a butt pump after 20-100 reps with minimal rest in between. This circuit hits a ton of different functions of the glutes and also helps to basically force a better mind muscle connection to them.
A1. Prone ankle weighted kickbacks x12/leg

A2. Banded KB Dead lifts x20

A3. Double banded hip thrusts x20

A4. Reverse hyper extension x15

She performed three rounds with rest between rounds.
Also shown at the end are heel elevated banded thrusts as the hip thrust bench was in use during a circuit and we wanted to keep the rest between movements to a bare minimum. Also a great substitute for those not lucky enough to have access to @the_hip_thruster bench. I suggest everyone own a @mbslingshot hip circle to use for stuff like this.

Heavy mace swings, clearly better motor control swinging one way than the other but these have been coming along well lately. @uncommon_strength_ and @rhinostrength are hosting a steel mace workshop at noon on Sunday June 4 at @hififitness , discount pricing ends this Friday so DM one of them ASAP to sign up! I'll be there as well

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