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WEAR the WALK  Your endless revolving wardrobe starts today! Choose, rent, love and rotate. Show us how you #wearthewalk For more info, visit our website:

Mumma Partridge #wearingthewalk "Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it." —Diane von Furstenberg

Walking into the weekend like.... #heyo #tryandstopme

Getting ready for a hot weekend with Prada Campaign 1998, Norbert Schoerner #fridayfeeling

(stylist @__elomelo__) 📽 🖤

🥂 throwback to our future is female event, what an amazing group of ladies including ultimate power woman 💪🏻@sistersandbloggers

What do sustainable fashion mean to you and how do you incorporate it into your business?⠀ “I guess the aim is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely, and there's various ways we implement this, either by default or through our ethics. We won't use any animal based leather or tanning, we only use vegan imitation leathers that can easily be produced using paper based products on our accessories and our interior cushion accessories we refuse to us duck or goose feather pads. They are disgustingly cruel. 
But from a clothing POV, our clothes are all limited edition, we NEVER waste, our collections are pretty much made to order and we almost always run out of stock before the end of the season. Each pieces is precious and we're definitely not part of the fast fashion brigade”. - @jessicarussellflint

“I can’t remember anything without you...”

How dreamy is this shoot styled by @ladyhunterxo featuring our @boopalaofficial white shirt🦋

What in your mind, is the relationship between your collection and london? How has london influenced you as a designer?
"I love London, but I love Londoners even more. I love everything from the artisan grubbiness which wouldn't be the same if it was polished, to the Kings road and Chelsea. There are so many different pockets and I'm a hybrid. I am totally influenced by London, Londoners, and where they travel to and from. The way they mix up their fashion. We are a vibrant crowd and I'm proud to be a Londoner." - @jessicarussellflint #designertakeover

Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama. Cancel your subscription to their issues.
- Steve Maraboli

What or who is your main inspiration?
People ask this all the time and I literally cannot pinpoint this. Every day it's something different. I could be in Shoreditch and see someone eating a piece of fruit or last week on a boat in Paxos looking at the ship captains pink shirt. It doesn't come from anywhere specific. But I do love colour... I'm a magpie. - @jessicarussellflint #designertakeover

When someone asks me why I’m still wearing a jacket when it’s 30 degrees outside: 👿

The amazing @__elomelo__ styled this photoshoot featuring our @korlekie suit jacket🙌🏼

A quote that you live by? ⠀
“Do unto your neighbour as you would do unto yourself.” - @jessicarussellflint ➡️ swipe for a little sneak peak of Jessica’s studio and her work in progress🌟 #designertakeover

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