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The Murrays  We are family YouTubers; Jon, Danielle, Tyler, Elena, Judea, Adeline & Everly! Watch our vlogs to follow along!


When the grandparents are on kid duty! #nokids

Everly wanted to say good morning to everyone. 😍

So #thankful to be on the road to visit my family for the holiday. And even more #thankful that this has been the EASIEST trip to date. //because I know you’re wondering - we STILL are not eating in the car. Half of me is really wondering if the snack free ride is part of the reason for the peace 🤔

So Judea took this photo of Elena this morning and I’m just now seeing it. // Did you guys know that I chose Elena’s name for it’s meaning? Before I was even pregnant. // I wanted a second born daughter to have a strong name that would set her apart from Tyler, so that she would stand out without overpowering her older sister. // This picture is evidence of the power in a name. Her name means “bright light” and this girl shines like nothing else

We see lots of families that post great pictures of their kids, all lined up, looking at the camera, smiling so big. This is our best shot out of 50.

It’s so easy to get caught up in expectations as a mom. Expectations your kids have for you, expectations from your spouse, your parents, other moms and mostly expectations of yourself.
IWe live in a constant state of trying to meet all of those, failing at most and in turn feeling like we just aren’t cut out for this.
I know I’m guilty of letting myself get sucked into that trap. I end up withdrawing from my goals or aspirations and even from life and from my friends because I feel like I will just never be able to balance it all. And then I don’t even want to try. It’s a dangerous place to be. That is the place where moms feel disheartened and isolated. That’s where we let our failures define our futures and where we let comparison steal away our joy.
There is hope, my friends. But it starts with a change in perspective. It starts with putting your foot down on and understanding exactly what you can do on your own, what isn’t meant for you to do and where God can meet you in between.
When you step into that place of relying on Him to grow you, to move you and when the ONLY expectations you are focused on meeting are the ones that God has for you - you will see and feel a magical thing happen.
You can step out from the shadow of your doubts and disappointments. You can run into the future that God has planned for you with your arms open. You don’t have to know how or when, but you can trust in His promise.
Sometimes the expectations we set for ourselves come with expiration dates. That is the beauty of God’s expectations - we can make a mistake and we can take too long and He will still be there along the way. Never losing hope in us, never loving us less.
My sweet friends, let’s all learn to love ourselves a little more like God loves us. Graciously and without conditions or timelines. When we put faith in Him to meet us halfway, we can KNOW that He will. When we are living out our calling, according to His purpose - He will always meet us in the middle and carry us to the places we can’t reach by ourselves. God will always surpass our every expectation.

You know; having daughters (or maybe just kids) so close in age can be really challenging. They drive each other insane most days and drive me insane in the process. They bicker and argue and fight. But then there are moments like this.. moments where they enjoy each other and bounce off of one another’s personality in the best ways. They giggle and squeal and tell each other “I love you”. And it just makes my heart so full that it could explode. So on the days when they are pushing me to the edge- I try to remember how much they are going to need and love each other as they continue to grow. And then I cover them all in Harmony EO and thank Jesus.

This girl loves to sing. She wanted me to record her and put it on YouTube. I didnt, but I think now is a good time to start guiding her and teaching her some things. She has the heart for it and with that she can do anything!

Danielle has been under the weather since last night, so I’m trying to let her rest today. I’ve been watching these two while trying to edit videos and now we’re heading to get two more girls from school. I don’t always know what I’m doing when it comes to being a dad. I just usually go with the flow. I think Adeline and Everly are wondering if I ever know what I’m doing.

When it’s the 50th day of school and you’re supposed to dress up.. always go for the most BA outfit option. And walk into class knowing you are the cats pajamas. Tyler, you are an amazing girl.

Our crew doing what our crew does best. Being wild!

Sometimes your tribe is closer than you realize. We are beyond blessed to have found the Rich’s who happen to live in the neighborhood beside ours. They’re kind, generous, and they put up with the craziness that is our family. We are able to feel ourselves when we’re with them because they get it. They are also a family with 5 kids so they know what they’re getting into when we get together and they welcome it with open arms. Their kids love our kids and our kids love theirs. We couldn’t have asked for a better family relationship at this time in our lives. We love you @therich.life! And happy Halloween to everyone else! We hope you all had a fun night! We sure did!

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