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MXR Productions  Production Company (a bunch of filmmakers) based in Vienna 📍founded by @christophtilley | and we have a lot of gear

We are absolutely in love with the @asteraleds AX1 pixeltubes. We love the possibility these lights are offering! So we built ourselves a custom kinoflo fixture in order to get 4 tubes side by side. Just like a good old 4-bank, but wireless and battery powered 😍

Subtle grades are the best. What do you think? Before or after? 🤔

Film is not dead! @christophtilley shooting 16mm on this baby. 🎥😍

Thats how we shoot a wrap pic! Thanks to the whole crew for an awesome shoot!

When in the mountains, you want to shoot timelapse but you forgot to bring a tripod, go handheld! 😆 Arri Alexa 1fps + Kowa Anamorphic 40mm

Looks like a music video for madonna! 😆 Framegrab of a commercial we shot recently.

Shooting a commercial in a moving train with very limited space available. In order to fake lights passing by very fast, we used some of these AX1 pixeltubes and made a nice effect which worked out very well in the end! 💡🎥👍

Here is the finished commercial to our previous post. We shot everything on a moving train, which made lighting and camera operating a bit tricky, but everything worked out great in the end. 🎥👍

When we shot a commercial in a moving train, not too much space was available. So we had to improvise on grip and lighting. But it worked out pretty well in the end! 👍🎥💡

DP @christophtilley shooting his favorite camera 🎥😜

@christophtilley shooting a beer commercial 🍺🍻😀🎥

On set monitoring is crucial when shooting a commercial 😀

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