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We Animals / Jo-Anne McArthur  Photojournalist. Educator. Author. Animal activist. Subject of the film The Ghosts in Our Machine.


Before and after an open rescue (swipe). The inside of a cage was the only life these laying hens had ever known before they were rescued by activists. They watched the animals take their first steps on grass, feel the first rays of sun on what was left of their feathers. Open rescues not only save lives, they also show people the difference in the lives of the animals who were lucky enough to be rescued and those who had to be left behind. They show us the difference between when an animal is exploited for her body versus when she is shown love, compassion, and simply allowed to be.
Laying hens. Australia, 2013.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

Bearing witness is a heartbreaking act. It never gets easier. It is saying goodbye to sweet, innocent animals after telling them that, just for a moment, they were seen and loved. It is an act of defiance in a society that constantly tells us to look the other way, to not care about these lives because they don't matter.
The Save Movement started with one woman and her dog standing in the open to simply see these animals and to show others that she saw them. Now it is a global force helping people see the animals that are hidden in plain sight.

Activists at a Toronto Chicken Save vigil. Canada, 2015.

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

Little snail, you are so beautiful! I loved watching you and I hope you have a fun and fulfilling life.
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How interesting! Ralph Nader's fable about the kinds of intelligences that are all around us in other animals. what would animals tell us about themselves, and about us if there were a common language among all animal species? #ralphnader #animalenvy #bookstagram #booksofig #read #animalrights #animaladvocacy #animal #animals

On fur farms in the northern hemisphere, females are giving birth to litters of foxes, minks, and other species. Born into cages, these babies will live for less than a year before they are gassed or electrocuted and have their skin torn off to make the trim around trendy jacket hoods.
We don't see fur on the streets in the spring and summer, but these animals suffer all year long. Wearing fur creates such needless pain and suffering. Please, for these young wild animals born into an unnatural life of captivity, choose fur-free clothing and accessories.
Fox cubs. Europe, 2012.

Jo-Anne McArthur/@theghostsinourmachine

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Thanks to the incredible work of animal protection groups in Australia, the greyhound racing industry has come under sustained public pressure in the last few years. Undercover investigations have shown dogs being trained using live piglets, rabbits, and other animals as bait in a practice known as "blooding" the dogs. The exposés revealed that thousands of dogs deemed unsuitable for the track are killed each year.
This campaign to shut this industry down has made significant progress and also suffered setbacks as the industry pushes back. However, this issue is on the public radar in a way that it has never been before, and greyhound adoptions have seen a huge increase. Undercover investigations are so important for exposing what goes on in industries that use animals for profit.
Photo: Child with a greyhound before a race. Australia, 2010.
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As we celebrate spring, renewal, and new life, let's give those new lives our love and compassion.

This lamb, along with his mother and sibling, was rescued from a factory farm by Animal Equality activists. He was taken to a sanctuary where he was free to live with his family in safety.
Spain, 2009.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@animalequality

Each year, hundreds of millions of rabbits are factory farmed for their meat, fur, to have their bodies tested on, or to be sold as pets. We talk less about rabbits as a factory-farmed animal than other species, but the conditions for these animals are just as cruel as those faced by laying hens trapped in cages or breeding pigs kept in gestation crates.

The sheer scale of animal use industries is overwhelming, but every choice we make has a direct impact on animals. Choosing to eat more plant-based meals, to never wear fur, buy cruelty-free cosmetics, and to always adopt, are easy steps that everyone can take. No individual will solve this problem alone but we will never solve it as a society without individuals making compassionate choices.

Photo: Industrial rabbit farm. Spain, 2013.

Jo-Anne McArthur/Animal Equality

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My favourite restaurant in the world, @veganrestoran , in Estonia, just put out a cook book in english! Congrats, it's beautiful, @magimikk and @looreemilie ! Jan, lærke and I are making the quiche this morning! Xoxo.
Ps -mikk we just found the shark image in Jan's copy. GOOD WORK MY FRIEND!!! #vegan #plantbased #book #cookbook #vegancookbook #read #taste #love #compassion #compassionatecuisine #veganrestoran #food #delicious #nom

New on the @unbound_project: Meet three filmmakers using their craft to speak up for animals. Allison Argo, Shannon Keith, and Liz Marshall have all produced award-winning documentaries focusing on animals and on those who seek to protect them. We're in awe of these dedicated women and their drive to tell the stories that have gone unheard for so long.
To read the full feature, go to unboundproject.org
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Thank you Anima for the lovely workspace while I'm in Copenhagen! #Denmark #weanimals #workfromanywhere #workislife #weanimals #teaandharddrives #photodesk

Like all mammals, cows must give birth in order to produce milk. In commercial dairy operations, cows are repeatedly impregnated and give birth once each year. Calves are always taken from their mothers shortly after birth. Some of the female calves are kept to eventually replace their mothers on the milking line. Male calves will be slaughtered as veal calves at a few months old. These young animals are routinely confined alone in calf hutches, denied the chance to socialize or seek comfort from their mothers or each other.
When we choose to consume dairy products, we contribute to the suffering of these affectionate, vulnerable animals. Please consider reducing your consumption of dairy products to help end this cycle of violence and deprivation.
Photo: Young calves on a small, family-run dairy farm. Spain, 2010.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

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