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We Animals / Jo-Anne McArthur  Photojournalist. Educator. Author. Animal activist. Subject of the film The Ghosts in Our Machine.


This is all artwork on the walls of the animal equality office here in Madrid. It is all done by pen and took two months. This entire space is absolutely stunning because of Martina Billi's work. #art #artivism #animalrights #animal #farmedanimals #love #respect #drawing #martinabilli #martinabilliillustration @martinabilli_illustration

Believe in a better future for animals.

Anyone who says that animals can't tell us what they want has never seen the universal "Where is my dinner, human?" face.

Nilla, waiting patiently for her dinner at Farm Sanctuary. USA, 2014.

Jo-Anne McArthur/@farmsanctuary

Last week at the gym I was actually asked by a personal trainer how I get my protein :/ Really, dude? Shouldn't you know this? Well, let's start with breakfast. Here we have organic oatmeal with Chia seeds and hemp hearts, and this bowl of deliciousness includes blueberries, walnuts, sunflower seeds, soy milk, cinnamon and apples.
#butwheredoyougetyourprotein #protein #health #vegan #plantstrong #plantbased # #healthy #bevegan #strong #breakfast #oatmeal #organic #delicious #nom

Let this joyful rescue pig chase away some of your Monday blues ❤ Let's do good things for animals this week 🐗

Today is National Animal Rights Day. I couldn't be prouder to be here today in Toronto to photograph this solemn and beautiful event. I love our community here. Such big hearts.
I'll be posting a gallery of images soon.
Our planet. Theirs too.
#NARD #animalrights #Toronto #cityhall

It's #NationalAnimalRightsDay. Brave activists around the world are making visible the corpses of just a few of the millions we kill every day. Our planet. Theirs too.

I was given a tour of a dairy farm in South Australia in March. Here live the calves, with their crates, out of sight, behind the farm. A lot of people know that veal is cruel and wouldn't eat it, but we don't know, or we forget, that veal exists because of the dairy industry. The two are inextricably linked. If you support one, you support the other. #dairy #milk #baby #calf #calves #vegan #plantbased #health #ditchdairy #mothersagainstdairy #for #farming #dairyfarm #animal #gotmilk #trump #australia #drink #weanimals

Today is #WorldMilkDay. Dairy products are made from mother's milk that cows, goats, and sheep make for their own young after they give birth and their babies are taken from them.

There has never been a more delicious time to move away from dairy products. So much suffering could be avoided by choosing plant-based milks and cheeses. Help friends and family make the switch by introducing them to new products and showing them how easy it is to stop supporting an industry that takes babies from their mothers.
Newborn calf. Spain, 2010.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@igualdadanimal

Follow @ayearofcaptivity for stories related to captive animals around the world, tips on how you can help, and images from the We Animals archive, as well as from the upcoming book, Captive.

Repost @ayearofcaptivity: Day 149

Yesterday, an orangutan in Perth Zoo, Australia, was filmed climbing out of her enclosure to retrieve her five-year-old infant, who had fallen out of the enclosure. She then climbed up onto a visitor boardwalk before returning to her enclosure voluntarily.
To find out more about the photos in this series and what you can do to help captive animals, visit weanimals.org/ayearofcaptivity
Orangutans. Thailand, 2008.

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

#captive #ayearofcaptivity #captivethebook #weanimals #joannemcarthur #animalphotography #zoo #aquarium #orangutan

This week, Germany voted to end fur farming. This is so huge for animals. Fur farms are stark, dirty places. The animals' fear is tangible as you walk through the rows and rows of cages. The animals can usually see and smell the forest around them, but live trapped and afraid for their whole lives, only to die to become fur trim or pom poms on the end of a scarf. The end of this industry cannot come fast enough.
Silver fox. Canada, 2014.
Jo-Anne McArthur/#MakeFurHistory

This is factory farming. Bars. Babies taken from mothers. Darkness. Dirt. We talk about the billions of animals used by these industries each year, but every one of them is an individual like this sow, trapped with their own frustration and pain and longing for freedom.

Breeding sow. Italy, 2015.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@essereanimali

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