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We Animals / Jo-Anne McArthur  Photojournalist. Educator. Author. Animal activist. Subject of the film The Ghosts in Our Machine.


Promises is a new short film from We Animals. Enter an industrial chicken barn with me. Feel the burden that all investigators bear: leaving the animals behind. Watch the film: link in bio.

It's so hard to leave.

They are still so young and can climb up or fly up on to you. They hunker down on you and even close their eyes, warm bellies on your hand. They just trust. they have no idea what humans have in store for them, or how bad they are going to be feeling in a few weeks when they can barely hold themselves up.

Tomorrow, we release Promises, a short film presented by We Animals.

As a vegan of 14 years and someone who has become accustomed to speaking with vegans and non-vegans alike without drama, I felt that I did not need to read Melanie Joy's new book, Beyond Beliefs. I was wrong. This is a book about relationships, identifying systems in relationships, identifying power relationships and ways that we communicate, communicate badly, and communicate well. And that's just the beginning! It also helps people identify and deal with STS: Secondary Trauma Stress. It's a useful book for practically everyone, especially activists and vegans, as the subtitle says. I highly recommend this book. Kudos and thank you Melanie Joy for writing this useful, engaging, thoughtful, analytical, enlightening and compassionate book. I think it has the power to improve the happiness of a lot of people, myself included, and gives us tools for understanding one another, and opening doors to clearer and cleaner communication.
The book is also leading me towards having more compassion for myself.
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This is Mari. Playing in her blankets, as she loves to do. Rescued from a life in research by the @centerforgreatapes, she now lives a full life surrounded by others of her kind. #WorldOrangutanDay.
Mari the orangutan. USA, 2014.

Jo-Anne McArthur/@neavs_1895

Today is #WorldPhotoDay. As animal advocates, it's easy to believe that simply exposing the truth with photos and videos will be enough. But it isn't: we have to work hard to tell entire stories in one image in a way that makes people stop and think, not simply turn away. Photos have so much power to speak for animals. It's our job to capture them in a way that engages and captivates.
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As animal activists and as human beings, our team stands with everyone fighting against hatred, racism, intolerance, and all forms of injustice. Now, more than ever, let us stand together and build a just, better world.
Jo-Anne McArthur/@unbound_project

Repost from @neavs_1895. Follow their incredible work to end the use of animals in research.
"In labs, rabbits are deprived of their natural behaviors and experience intense discomfort. The beauty industry adds to this cruelty by forcing them to undergo painful eye and skin tests. One way to ensure that your favorite beauty products are cruelty-free is to look for the @leapingbunnyprogram logo!" 📸: @weanimals 🐰
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To everybody fighting for animals: We carry so much with us all the time. Remember to take time to connect, to recharge, and to witness the good as well as the unjust. We are only effective for animals when we're strong and healthy. As much as you can, build time for love into your lives❤
At Farm Sanctuary's Hoe Down last weekend. Jo and William having a cuddle.
Photo: Julie O'Neill Photography/@farmsanctuary

Dinner. Vegan. Tasty. Healthy. Happy.
Tofu. Brussel sprouts. Red pep. Broc. Mushroom. Zucc. Cherry tomatoes. Parsnip. Olive oil.
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Omg. Marjorie is so fluffin' cute.
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Loving hearing from you as your copies of Captive (and the new edition of We Animals) arrive! Thank you so much for your support of @ayearofcaptivity and the animals whose stories it tells ❤

Help the We Animals team tell the stories of animals and activists around the world. Animals like Mercy, surrendered into the hands of @thesavemovement's Jenny McQueen and who now lives a peaceful life at a sanctuary.

Last chance for your gift to be matched! Become a supporter today and help us tell the stories of animals like Mercy.

Link in bio.

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