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We Animals / Jo-Anne McArthur  Photojournalist. Educator. Author. Animal activist. Subject of the film The Ghosts in Our Machine.


At the @animallegaldefensefund symposium this week, sharing stories of the animals we're all fighting to protect, even if it's through different means. Such an incredible evening with so many great minds. Animals have some truly amazing allies!

Photo courtesy of the @animallegaldefensefund

So many important issues being discussed at the ALDF symposium. #aldf #climatechange #factoryfarming #agriculture #law #animals #animallaw

9am at the ALDF symposium in LA. So grateful to be here. #animals #aldf #lawsymposium #animalsmatter #law

Want to get your weekend off to a good start? We promise that these thirty seconds of cow-cuddling joy will do the trick. đź’•

Always such a tangible reminder of why we do what we do, seeing all of their faces looking out at us. Thank you for making this powerful collage, @vancouvermtcas.
Repost @vancouvermtcas:

Reason #1 for #whywemarch; every single one of these beautiful, innocent, sentient, intelligent, curious, lovely beings. All with the capacity to feel love, pain, happiness, fear, loneliness, and sadness. All are individuals and deserve respect and autonomy over their own bodies. All billions and billions and billions and billions of them. Every. Single. One.
All photographs @weanimals
#marchwithus#marchtocloseallslaughterhouses#vmtcas2017 #vancouvermtcas#vancouver #loveallbeings #individuals#someonesnotsomethings#friendsnotfood#chooseempathyoverapathy#choosecompassionovercruelty#animalrights #animalcruelty#animalliberation #humanliberation#shutthemdown

Can't help but post one more photo of the vegan eggs at @dougmcnish 's Public Kitchen in Toronto, 561 Marlee Ave. They break like a sunny side up egg. They are made of nutritional yeast, black salt and just one or two other ingredients. The trick is how it's whipped and then gently, perfectly boiled to form a skin. The "egg white" is seared silken tofu.
#vegan #noreally #delicious #veganeggs #dougmcnishspublickitchen #dougmcnish #plantbased #brunch #plantpowered #Toronto #veganrestaurant

VEGAN EGGS FOR BREAKFAST. I've never seen or tasted anything like it. IT'S DELICIOUS! Chef @dougmcnish is a master. #vegan #veganegg #publickitchen #dougspublickitchen #nom om #eggsbenedict #veganeggsbenedict #sunnysideup

As activists, we know that animal use industries disproportionately exploit the bodies of female animals, forcing them to go through cycle after cycle of pregnancy, birth, sometimes a brief period of nursing their young, then separation so that their babies can be raised for meat, fur, or sold as pets, or, in the case of the dairy industry, simply so that the mothers' milk can be collected for human consumption.
We know this. What we know now more than ever, however, is how little this is known among non-activists, and how strong a message it is. The grief mothers feel at having their babies taken from them resonates with people not familiar with animal issues. To help people make the connection, keep telling the stories of the mothers who lose their babies to these industries. People are learning, they're listening. By sharing the grief of the mothers who have already suffered this loss, we can help stop future generations of animals from feeling this pain.

Photo: Family-run dairy farm, shortly before this calf was taken from her mother. Spain, 2010.

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

Roasted tofu pasta vegetable chili beans salad hummus babaganouj Brown rice spaghetti squash cauliflower sandwich gnocchi cashew cream tahini sauce leftovers. What do vegans eat? Stuff like this.
#vegan #whatveganseat #plantbased #plantpowered #delicious #nom #leftovers #notstarving #butwheredoyougetyourprotein

Montreal is planning a rodeo as part of its 375th-anniversary celebrations. Montreal has no history of holding rodeos and these events are known to cause extreme animal suffering, injuries, and even deaths. The @spcamontreal, supported by many other groups and activists, are campaigning for the rodeo to be cancelled.

To read Jo's guest blog in support of the SPCA's campaign, go to spcablog.com

Photo: Calgary, Canada, 2008

Yesterday, Anita Krajnc was found not guilty of mischief for giving water to pigs. Her actions in June 2015, just like her actions and those of others who attended the @torontopigsave vigil before the verdict was handed down, were motivated by simple compassion for animals who are suffering and about to be killed.
More than ever, these animals are visible. Looking into their eyes makes it impossible to justify the anguish we cause them. This battle was won. Now we keep fighting.

Tomorrow, a verdict will be handed down in Anita Krajnc's trial. This is a case that has made headlines around the world and united the animal rights movement. What the meat industry was surely hoping would become a cautionary tale for Save groups has instead become a landmark moment in the legal fight for animals around the world.
Activists everywhere are standing with you, Anita. You represent us and the animals with more poise and strength than could ever have been expected of someone in your position. No matter the verdict, you will have our support.

Photo: Anita Krajnc. Toronto, 2016.


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