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Lavender-laced memories.

Growing ever older. I miss doing yoga with you baby girl. I miss your often incredible perspective. Your magic. The way you feel colours. The way you make your voice harmonise with your environment when you sing. I miss falling asleep with you, wearing one half of your body - a hand on my chest, a leg across my own - as you lay sprawled out across the bed. Always close, no matter how much space we have. There are so many things I miss about being with you, Alba. This is our now. There is a space in our togetherness. But our togetherness is still strong. I feel it every day, when I think of you. I feel it in our silly jokes, when we talk on the phone (Alba: 'Hey Papa. Imagine a cookie with a cookie inside it.' Me: 'Whoa. Hey Alba. Imagine a cookie with a cookie inside it, with another cookie inside THAT cookie.' Alba: 'And imagine a COOKIE with a cookie inside it and a cookie inside that cookie, and inside THAT cookie, there is a HIPPOPOTAMUS!' *laughter and disbelief* - so unexpected 😜😂).
I feel our love, baby, and on the other side of this great, healing, clearing storm of separation, is our love and light-filled Eden. You are my love, Alba. You are my heart made visible. ❤

Photo by Alba's talented mama, @fireandjoy

The sweetest thing. ❤

I love you with all of me, Alba Joy!

My perfect baby girl. ❤

Photo by her mama. @fireandjoy

Seaweed afishionados! Can I eat this?

Life can be this.

I can't wait to do this with you again Alba Joy! ❤ #tribedepapa

I really oat to have this more often. It is SO good.
Oats, almonds, flaxseed, coconut, pepitas, cacao nibs, raisins, maca and turmeric. #breakfast #oats #maca #cacao #coconut #vegan #healthyfood #health #healthy #wellbeing #mybodyisatemple #goodness

Frangipani sunset. Feeling this full moon. Like a leaf floating downstream. Each full moon period a waterfall. First, the distant rumble. The realisation. No going back. Then, the drop. Weightless. No ground. Free-falling. Then, submersion. Breathless. Anxious if unprepared. Like a baby being dunked in a bath. And now, resurfacing. Gasping, if unprepared. Continuing on downstream. Floating once more. My advice for surviving the coming full moons? Recognise each lunar period. Float happily when it is time to float. Prepare for the drop and enjoy your temporary weightlessness. Breath deeply before submersion. Enjoy the relief of resurfacing. Recognise each lunar period. Prepare for each lunar period. Find joy in each lunar period. And keep on moving. Big love tribe. ❤

#fullmoon #lunarcycle #manstruation #wellbeing #yoga #meditation #freedom #stress #anxiety #peace #PerthIsOk #westernaustralia #australia

Yummy green smoothie! Super simple.
2 bananas + 2 scoops of @synergynatural super greens (spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, chlorella), plus water, or coconut water when I've got it. So good! 👌🌳 #greensmoothie #vegan #spirulina #chlorella #barleygrass #wheatgrass #smoothie #wellbeing #health #healthyfood #banana #greens #coconutwater #coconut #PerthIsOk #perth #westernaustralia #australia

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