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What’s your archetype? The Outlaw archetype has humility and lives to up-end the status quo and bring about change.
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What causes us to feel disgust when we see someone else? ...when we change the way we view ourselves, we change the way we view others.

Use that frosted doughy spiral as a reward for achieving rather than a guilty pleasure and it’ll become your accomplice to success.

You can #GROW anything; #Intelligence, #love, #faith, #joy, #patience, even #energy. Go on with your #growth #mindset.

Eating for pleasure never ends with pleasure.

Savor life's delicacies just one deliberate and mindful spoonful at a time. Because too much eating for pleasure never ends with pleasure.

Our minds can cage us in fear and humiliation. If this happens too often, take steps to retrain your mind to find more mental freedom.

Nervous about speaking in front of a group? Put your mind at ease, everyone in your audience is cheering for you, we’re cheering for you. Be bold, be excited to share yourself and your thoughts with the world, we all love you.

This shouldn’t be so hard. But it is. Screw it, I’m wearing what makes me feel more like me. #FridayFeeling

We see our kids the way we see ourselves. We treat our kids the way we treat ourselves. Becoming a better parent means forgiving yourself, holding yourself in high regard, and following your dreams and aspirations. #TuesdayThoughts

When you become unhinged at four-wheeled metal boxes passing by… maybe it’s time to try exploring mindfulness. ⠀
Would you rather have no traffic around you or not be so irritated by the traffic around you? Some strong emotions, like traffic frustrations, are pushed to the surface by false beliefs (or lies) that reside in the subconscious mind. Remove false beliefs and you'll remove many frustrations. #MondayMotivation

Believing those tests determine your future is much more dangerous than actually performing sub-par. Forget about letter labels, grade yourself based on your own level of effort and appreciate your advancement without comparing yourself against the perfect score.⠀

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