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Throwback to the day of the APMAs! Seriously, best day ever.

Kellin Quinn Bostwick is fucking gorgeous

Guess who's seeing @sleepingwithsirens in September? I got the VIP and everything!

Omg Kelly... Btw, if anyone was wondering. I prefer they/them pronouns. Any pronouns are one with me, I'm bigender, but they/them just avoids confusion.

Dats my Tumblr. I'm so emo. thevicoverthekellin. If anyone gets that, I love you

It's literally 2:00 am here an I have volleyball in the morning

I'm proud to say that I have been listening to Ryan Ross moaning for the past hour

I'm running out of shit to post, so have me in an ATL shirt. @alltimelow

This cute human was live so I was constantly calling him sexy and he winked @maxxsio

Holy Fuck... Sleeping With Sirens liked my post... @sleepingwithsirens

How old do y'all think I am?

What shall I draw horribly?

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