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oof • WHY DONT WE  • pretty inactive so •

happy birthday ugly duckling :))) @wes10

Sorry guys I've been so inactive. This video explains all of it. I'll explain it also in a live stream here in a bit. Thank you all for being so understanding and patient.

Might do a part two! Let me know <3 @jackaverymusic @whydontwemusic

I usually don’t do these but I had nothing to post so 🤷‍♀️ btw act like there are five subjects for the five teachers/mums. (I would explain the very detailed reasoning behind all of this, but there’s too much to explain . I will say tho I put me and my girl in the back of the class so we can just fangirl over literalLY EVERYONE ; and I mean everyone, this includes @joyousjack @jachmoments @imaginewhydontwe @wdwjackk ) ❤️ @whydontwemusic @seaveydaniel @imzachherron @jackaverymusic @corbynbesson @jonahmarais

I made this and thought it looked cute : ) (Sorry for the bad quality and terrible handwriting.) Should I make more of these? ❤️❤️ @imzachherron @whydontwemusic @imreeseherron @imryanherron @mama.herron

dani and the boys :) ❤️ @seaveydaniel @whydontwemusic @imzachherron
@corbynbesson @jackaverymusic @jonahmarais

song : saib. - in your arms (had to repost real quick since i forgot my name in the edit.)

EXCUSE ME? what’s the point of making your petty account? to show everybody you can curse about why don’t we because you’re so “cool?” @why_dont_we_suck_dick @whydontwemusic

OK NOT WDW RELATED BUT THIS LOOKS SO COOL AND AESTHETICCC (this is from my projector outside for xmas and shadow of my wreath and plants outside my window)

(tag them?) let's just take some time to appreciate the BEST couple in the world, (christina and corbyn obviously,) like what would this world be without these two. please get married like i'd give you guys my children 😂❤️❤️❤️ @beautychickee @corbynbesson @whydontwemusic

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