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Courtney Fell 

Testing out trail food for the hike. This stuff is good!!! Beats jerky by a landslide

View from the top, after climbing the stairwell 3x. 1.33 miles straight up and down. The view from 6000ft on the #AT will be different, but this will do for training. ;) #feeltheburn #quadsonfire #takeahike #training

This counts as elevation change, right? ;) #takeahike

Looking up at the building I just climbed, trying to do the math. Ha. So, 20ish flights of stairs. 3x up and 3x down in 30 minutes. With NO pack. Hmmm. I'm pretty fn tired. Got a WAYS to go to get ready for this AT hike. Ha

Freshman Orientation/Pep Rally. Oh the awkwardness...can't wait to show these boys this shot in 4 years!

This girl and I both won the lottery when we found each other! #lilybug #mygirl #goodmorning

Another fun summer of softball in the books!

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