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Benson  Seattleite. Filipino. Utahn. Virginian. Texan. Australian. \\ Ex-Bain. Pluralsight. \\ Converted Surfer. \\ Mormon

Day 1 of "My stooter" 😍

"Dad! It's not cold. It's March!!" -Steelio

Always a good decision to see the temple. Cold evening in Philly, but this was worth it. Thanks for the walk @brandonpeay -- See you tomorrow @jfmckean

My sweetie. Jordan is 11. And she has always been enthralled by elephants so this epic trip to Thailand in Dec 2013 was a dream. Just like Jordan. #jordanrules

Remember the most amazing beach day ever @brandonpeay ?? Happy Birfday mate. Look at you out here doing what you do. Dad of the Year. 👊

I can't feel my face when I'm with you. But we loved it. @brightonresort delivered another good one today. And Steelio only went missing a couple times ...as far as you know. ⛷🌤

A belated thank you to each of these great brothers - what a fantastic reunion dinner. Missing Heavy G, ¡Dale! and Pablo.

Built some shelves on Saturday. Made some people happy, including myself. @richardwmetcalf thanks for the assist.

"Hey Sydney, where are you going?" "I going on a twip" [@pepperlinds is out for the weekend so now erbody thinks they can jess walk out the door!]

Hailing rides from the friendliest snowmobile... @silkytrash

The mountain had no chance today. @pepperlinds 🎿⛷

Next stop: 2017. @pepperlinds

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