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Lancaster, PA Hairstylist  Whitney Burkhart ✮ BTC TEAM ✮ @behindthechair_com ✮ BTC #oneshot Nom x4 ✮ #ltcawards Nom‘18 ✮ Wella #itva Regional Nom x2 ✮ {booking 2019-2020}

French braid w/ rope braids •🌿• I have a video on how I create this on my previous post! Wig: @powderroomd For added dimension I used chrome mist extensions: @hairdousa •✨• Hair tip: Please come with your hair washed and dried on the day of your wedding. It’s easier for me to control the texture of your hair this way! #wb_upstyles

Rope braids + a chunky french braid. Would you wear this? 💕 @powderroomd wig + chrome mist extensions from @hairdousa #wb_upstyles

• Braids for days• What it’s really like taking “hair pics” with my Dog 🐶 ... Swipe to see! Wig from @powderroomd For added dimension I used: chrome mist extensions by @hairdousa #wb_upstyles

Simple pulled back low bun for Maddion! Can’t wait for her wedding this weekend • If you want to see how I created this, check out my video on my previous post! 🌿 #wb_upstyles

Simple + chic low bun - 🎥 A timelapse hair video on how I created Madison’s dream wedding hairstyle! 🌿 A little tip* something that saves me SO much time while pinning is my magnetic bracelet that holds bobbin pins. I got it from @pinkpewter! It makes my job, so much easier! 💕 #wb_upstyles

Maddison’s bridal trial! She wanted a simple pulled back low bun! 🌿Can’t wait for her wedding this Saturday at the Cork Factory! #wb_upstyles

A textured + modern Chignon with pops of pink! Check out my previous post to watch the video on how I created this! I broke it down pretty simple. I used the CHI LAVA Spin N Curl and their texturizing hairspray for hold! 🌸 #wb_upstyles
@chihaircare #chilava #chilavaspinncurl @farouksystems #farouksystems @behindthechair_com #behindthechair #thebtcteam

Modern Day Chignon 🎥 A time lapse Hair Video of how I used the CHI LAVA Spin N Curl to create this effortless easy hairstyle •🌸• #wb_upstyles
@chihaircare #chilava #chispinncurl @farouksystems #farouksystems @behindthechair_com #behindthechair #thebtcteam

•Textured Chignon• A super easy hairstyle! And I’m going to share with you a video on how I created this with using CHI LAVA Spin N Curl. All you have to do is push the button and it spins! Swipe to see what I’m talking about 🌸🌿 #wb_upstyles
@chihaircare #chilava #chilavaspinncurl @farouksystems #farouksystems @behindthechair_com #behindthechair #thebtcteam

Side french braid loosened into a textured low bun! •🌿• Tip* When loosening braids, do it as you go! Then you won’t be left with trying to make the loose pieces even. Also, you will be left with less flyaways✨ #wb_upstyles

•Rope Topsytail Braid• I created this with my @powderroomd wig on Monday’s class I taught! 🌸Tag a friend who would love this! 🌿 #wb_upstyles

Meghan’s Bridal Trial! Her wedding was 11/17/18 ✨
I used the CHI LAVA Spin N Curl to prep the hair before created this upstyle!
@chihaircare #chilava #chilavaflatiron @farouksystems #farouksystems @behindthechair_com #behindthechair #thebtcteam #wb_upstyles

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