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Brand New announces their new album after 8 long years with no single, album name or artwork and preorders are quickly eaten up by rabid fans (Including me). How does this band get away with this? Lol

Last night at the El Capitan πŸ”₯ also cheers to the person behind me with their shoes off and had their stinky feet resting on the back of my seat. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘ƒπŸ€’πŸ€§

Any Botanists or Plant Science Major know what kind of plant this is? Thanks in advance (passed this by walking to my car this morning πŸ˜’)


I made a game! It's called Tamal E:\ Drive! A little over 3 weeks ago I sat down with my friends @drakelake @amberharrisart and started planning and designing a game based off the Awful Summer Jam 2017 theme: Bootlegs. It was a great learning experience, from time management, build testing, player feedback, and overall game design. I've never programmed systems nearly as complex, and though it's tied together somehow, it's badly coded and bursting at the seams ready to break. But In the end I'm happy the game is actually playable from start to finish, complete with dialog "cutscenes" and an overall story. @drakelake and @amberharrisart did an amazing job on the art for the game and I'm honored that I get to piece it together with badly coded lines of glue, tape and bandaids. This game is also accompanied by music written by my band, we wrote a ska punk inspired song that still strangely sounds like AWAFAC. Both Jason and Matt did a phenomenal job subverting our sound with the catchy main guitar line written and played by @grouchdouglas and Jason playing an amazing funky bass line on keys. You can find more info on my game as well as download it in my bio. Link in Bio (ha.)

5 years with @dinaxsaurus_rexx ! Happy Anniversary guuuurl ❀️❀️❀️ Pictures from Dina winning the ring toss game at the 626 Night Market a few weeks ago. Have never ever seen anyone win this game, EVER. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Me watching the new Behind The Scenes trailer for The Last Jedi

THRICE opening up for DEFTONES πŸ™Œ

DEFTONES last night. The collective "WHOOOO"ing from the pit is the best part.

Song choice on point πŸ‘Œ

Walking in a cemetery in the dark back to my car to grab a sweater because it got cold. With LA fireworks going off in all directions.

"You're the only motherfucker in the city who can handle me"πŸ”₯
New St. Vincent song drops the cool guitar riffs you'd come to expect but it's still catchy as hell and I can't get over that line.
Also The National put out a new single this week and it's so god damn good. Spotify had to directly call me up and tell me to cool it on the repeat plays cause they can't afford the digital license a million times a day πŸ‘Œ

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