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Camille Kaplan  Mostly fruit/veg (often preserved, #oregonupick ), farms/forests, feminism, & eclectic podcast recs in Oregon she/her

I’ve heard @ciaosamin on a bajillion podcasts in the last couple months (and of course I’ve seen her wonderful Netflix special and own her book—Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat), so when I spotted this pot at the thrift store today, I knew I had to have it (though her yellow one is much cuter than the brown). Of all her recent podcast guesting, I think the one I most appreciate is her appearance on @turshen ‘s Keep Calm and Cook On where two extremely accomplished cooks/food writers mostly talk about their mental health struggles, and it’s just really real. Also her episode from a couple years back on Longform is great. #podcastrecs #dansk

AEbelskivers! (I’m out of practice, but I think these ones look pretty good if I do say so myself.)

I’ve been listening to the new season of Headlong (@headlongpodcast ) about Y2K, and then I found this photo while looking through old papers. It was taken on December 31, 1999 by Summer’s (inappropriately?) much older boyfriend. I was a junior in high school (16). These were some of my badass lady friends, several of whom I still see pretty regularly. Philomath was/is a weird place in that’s it’s a tiny, conservative, rural town with its origins firmly planted in the logging industry, but to some extent, there has always been room for strong women claiming their space. I’ve learned a lot since then—we could have been a lot more intersectional—but remembering my optimism and idealism of the time is pretty motivating to me now at 35. (L to R: me, Jenn, Jenny, Rachael, Jesslyn, Griffon, Summer, Alicia) #tbt #podcastrecs PS I’m not actually into anarchy.

@rachelaliceroddy posted this “recipe” a few days ago. It’s just crushed walnuts boiled in honey and then cut and pressed between fresh bay leaves (or in my case Oregon myrtle leaves). Just the walnuts in honey is delicious, and the process has been super fun. I’m excited to try them after the bay flavor has infused a bit.

Logan of @sweetanddirtys made this for me, and I love it a lot. It’s pretty much my mood these days, though I’m rly tempted to get a second Sweet and Dirtys affirmation, “Be Kind but Take No Shit”. Too much for one feminist bathroom? #sweetanddirtys

I was in Portland yesterday, and in an extremely uncharacteristic move, I bought a bunch of art at @landpdx @craftywonderland and @citizenruthpdx . You can now find me scouring Corvallis thrift stores for frames and pinteresting “gallery walls”.

Making Concord grape juice in my steam juicer is one of my favorite things to do every fall...and then over the winter, spring, and summer, I don’t really drink much of it. So now, I still have most of the 2016 and 2017 harvest in the pantry, but I can’t possibly let these beauties go to waste. It’s a canner’s eternal dilemma.

I’m very grateful that forever-ago past me pre-ordered this incredible book from @unladylikemedia so that it would arrive on my doorstep today. @tylerfeder ‘s illustrations alone are uh-mazing! Also I listened to not one but two podcast interviews with Rebecca Traister (Longform and The Gist with another interview on Ezra Klein’s show queued up for today) about her new book on women’s anger, and I am here for it. Good and Mad. Yas! #podcastrecs

Elderberry harvest. Throwing these in the freezer for easier, at-my-convenience de-stemming.

This place has hella good houseplants and succulents for pretty cheap. I’ve decided every time I’m sad and want to buy myself something, I’m coming here.

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