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WAYS TO STUDY  Law student ▪️www.waystostudy.com ▪️Use WAYSTOSTUDY to get 10% off @ kawaiipenshop.com & missrosieshop.com ▪️Info@waystostudy.com ▪️My website↓


Criminal procedure law study session no.362820. I spend so much time on reading this book but I am not making any process?? It's like the never ending story omg 😫 Am I the only one who has that with some of my courses ?
Plans for the rest of my day: eat dinner, finish watching my online lecture for economics and watch another one, and make a planning for the upcoming week #busy🐝

Picture of yesterday with notes for economics and my journal. The super cute stickers are from @itspaperco. Use the code WAY05 for a 5% discount on your order. They arrived super fast and look so cute in my journal ☺️
I am going to do some work for school and write an article (that will be up tomorrow). I am looking forward to a very relaxed Friday night 😊

Last day of spring break be like...catching up on everything and preparing this week's lectures 😩
I had a lovely breakfast this morning, then I went for a run with my sis and now I am watching online lectures and reading my books. I am kinda looking forward to tomorrow (except for the 8.30 am lecture) .
Oh, and I am vlogging today :) How are you guys doing? Enjoy your day if this is your last day of spring break as well!

NEW VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE - you can find a link in my bio ✨✨
Let me know your thoughts in the comments and feel free to leave suggestions for new videos!
Have a great evening ☺️

Little repost because I miss these roses 😢
Hope you all had a wonderful day ♥️

Studying in bed because I am still sick. What a time to be alive 🙌🏼Even though I don't like being sick because I cannot be as productive as usual, it's the perfect excuse to just chill in bed and watch Gossip Girl 🥂✨
In the picture you can see my jar filled with all my washi tapes. I am pretty proud of my collection. Most of them are from @missrosieshop. The code WAYSTOSTUDY gives 10% off on any order 👌🏼

Hey guys, I was going to film a new video for you but I was sick when I woke up and it's getting worse. I am going to film Wednesday's video tomorrow and upload it then as well so hopefully I'll manage to do everything I want to do.
The watch in this picture is the #DWclassicpetite with a rose gold strap from @danielwellington. If you want to order one from their website you can use the code WAYSTOSTUDY15 to get 15% off any order until April 30th 2017!
#ad #danielwellington

TIPS FOR STUDYING WITH A BUSY SCHEDULE - you can find a link to the article on my website in my bio 💕
Hope you all like the article and I hope the tips are helpful ✨
I had a fun day. I went for a run with my sister and then I wrote an article and studied. I also found some time to write in my journal. Tomorrow I am going to film a first Study With Me video for my YouTube channel so stay tuned for that ☺️
The super cute stickers in this picture are from @kawaiipenshop in case you were wondering. They look perfect in my journal. The code WAYSTOSTUDY gives 10% off on any order!

There is a new article on my website!! - Link in bio 🤗
The article is about how to remember your study material for your exams/tests. I hope this helps some of you out!
Have a lovely evening 💕💕

Hey!! I hope you are doing great today. I am going to watch an online lecture now. It's time to work harder because the exams are coming closer and closer 😱 I don't have any lectures for the next 2 weeks which gives me the opportunity to study hard every day (and occasionally see my boyfriend ☺️) Btw, the cute washi tapes in this picture are from @kawaiipenshop. I've been obsessed with washi tape lately (maybe you have noticed 😂) The code WAYSTOSTUDY gives 10% off on any order!
What are you up to today?

So I was in the train on my way to school today, and I just wanted to check in what classroom my first lecture was, and guess what? I didn't have any lectures today. The train was already on its way so I was home at 2 in the afternoon (I left around 12, and had to make myself ready at 11). This can only happen to me 😂 Didn't do a lot for school because I felt like I deserve a day off. Now it's time to read criminal procedure law 🤗

Do you ever have those days where you start really productive and then in the afternoon you just feel tired so you're gonna chill the whole afternoon? Because I haven't had that in a while but today was one of those days 😂
I felt really motivated this morning so I made a very long to do list and I want to finish it so I am going to study while facetiming with my boyfriend 😊 (study date yaay) and hopefully sleep early 🙏🏼
Have a productive day 💕✨

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