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Wayne Pearson  Adelaide :: Traveller :: Photographer Nikon D 850 My photographs are for sale and printed up to A2 .@_Adelady Photographer :: Enquiries please PM me.

Close Proximity! Taken of a small but dynamic skyline in Dubai showing how congested these incredible buildings are. I suggest you zoom in for a closer look, it’s awesome architecture.I love contemporary architecture, so I was in photographic Heaven!#dubai architecture #contemporyarchitecture #travel #travelphotography

Not The Yellow Brick Road! This image was taken a few days ago on a small but beautiful backroad in Piccadilly in Adelaide. It’s a stacked combination of 9 individual images, designed to retain sharpness from the foreground to the extreme background of the scene. #adelaide#southaustralia #picadilly #landscapephotography #adelaidehills

4 BestMates! I don’t usually post shots like this but this image is an exception. In case you don’t know me I’m the one in the blue tee shirt, and the other three are my lifelong best mates! My oldest best mate is the guy in the orange top and we have been best mates since I was 15, the other two since very early twenties, so, a lifelong friendship, and that is very special and rare! The great thing is that we are all still very happily married to the same beautiful women, and our wives are the best of friends too! Three of us still surf together and we all have hilarious games of tennis that last for hours just trying to hit the ball!
I just wanted to share this image with YOU because in this world of ours it can sometimes appear to be full of turmoil and fear. To me the image is a reminder that the world is actually made up of a majority of wonderful people, with the odd few who create the turmoil. Hold onto and treasure friendship, it is precious!

SAHMRI building on Nth Terrace Adelaide, looking up in the entrance.#southaustralia #adelaide #sahmri #architecturephotography #architecture #medicalresearch

Thank you to Roy Eccleston the Advertiser SA Weekend Magazine Editor for featuring some of my photographs in today’s edition! I am humbled and thrilled!The quality of the print in SA Weekend Magazine actually looks so much better than my quick iPhone shot shown here, because the quality of the printing of the magazine is outstanding.#southaustralia #adelaide #adelaidehills #saweekendmagazine #landscapephotography #autumn #colour #autumnleaves#thetizer#theadvertizer

Resurrected. This image was taken at Falls Creek in Australia and the white shapes are actually dead trees caused by bushfires. I love the natural abstract shapes that the trees and the rise and fall of the landscape have created.#fallscreek #bushfires #abstractlandscape #bushland #forrest #australia

Horse Power On Tap. This was taken in a small village in Morocco where Mules are used for transport for local people and for possessions. #morocco #travel #mules #transport #horsepower

Welcome To My Parlour! Taken in Morocco, this is actually someone’s front door, I love unusual doors so this one was gold!#morocc #doors #olddoors #travel #holidays #nationalgeographic #colourandtexture

Colourful Castle. Taken in Portugal, as castles go this one was spectacular, especially the amazing gardens and incredible colours.#portugal #castles #colourfularchitecture #travel #tourism

Looking Puzzled!This is just a stacked pile of wood but with a bit of poetic license I have manipulated the original image to create an abstract effect.#abstract #woodpile #woodart #abstractsculpture

Incredible Natural Shapes. This image was taken in Morocco and I simply loved the stunning natural shapes, colours and textures. I have just printed this image for our home in A2 on a beautiful paper called Hahnemuehle Photo Rag, which has wonderful texture and makes the image look almost 3D. This could look beautiful in your home or office too! #landscapephotography #morocco #moroccotravel #nikonmorocco #nationalgeographic #nikon

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