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Loved ending the service with y’all this way. I almost body surfed but changed my mind.

Our faith needs some friends because inevitably in life we’ll end up in a furnace. Scripture never mentions a group of friends- Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego singularly. They always refer to themselves as “we”. We all need friends that will SEE the flames and will stick with us, that will FEEL the flames and stick and friends that won’t choose to FLEE the flames and stick with us. Hit one of your friends up and thank them for sticking with you this morn and tell ‘em you appreciate them! Rotate your focus. We over me always wins.

N E W S E R I E S A L E R T. This Sunday lock in with a new series that’s gonna help us all big way. Can’t wait to speak this Sunday...and it’s Baptism Celebration Sunday as well! Invite a friend! #iseeac

Another highlight of the weekend was reconnecting with @gregshenry. Refreshing conversations and great jokes. This guy really serves others so well. Thanks for your kindness and friendship. And, big props on your “that was lit” face.

Thankful for my friendship with @dusty_dean. We met years ago and lost contact but when he invited me for this event I was delighted for the opportunity to speak and reconnect with him. Thanks for letting me take part in the long standing impact of @revealconference and for the super great laughs and hospitality. And anybody is a friend who will do the running man with you onstage!

I don’t know...preaching to young people gives me a case of the hops. Thank you @revealconference for letting me share my heart with you today. And @smilemaymay—your photography game is amazing. I love how you serve your church with your gift! Seriously grateful to have a voice with these awesome students. Let’s stay lit!

I love and respect and honor @pierredup so much that it’s crazy. Every interaction with him leaves you with a smile, some wisdom and more happiness than before you connected with him. Now...he’s awesome but better half isn’t even featured here! I love you and @marlizedup!!!

L A D Y I N R E D. @classy1999. Loved hanging with you this week. 📸 @pastortimlucas #mywifedripswithfinesse #itdontmakenosense

Jamaican Dream Team vibes. Thx @coldtones for the photoshop work! 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲#jamaicansbelikeiamthedreamteam

Thanks for capturing this moment @jdmuller_ ! #bettertogether #arcconference18

Thank you @arcchurches and everyone involved in having me as a 7 in 7 speaker. It was one of the greatest highlights of my ministry to date to share with a group of people I love so much and to a family of people that have poured so much into me and my leadership. Thanks to everyone for the love and support which made those seven minutes so fun and the time thereafter a blast as well. I was honored to share the stage with such dynamic leaders. And thank you @pastorchrishodges and the entire ARC lead team for creating such a life-giving organization. I’m deeply indebted. #dontdoministryalone #bettertogether #arcchurches #arcconference2018

Enjoyed hangs yesterday with these two. @bhamp10 @srmcgill. For some reason this pic makes me think of that old song “It’s like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under”. I know...random.

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