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Some have Kari Jobe but we've got Carrie Vog'. We love you Carrie! #iseeac

David, Zach and me this weekend. Those guys serve so well every weekend. #iseeac

There were a lot of first time guests this weekend but I particularly loved seeing Ac*ers bringing their newborns for their first Easter. A TON of new babies! #iseeac

Easter being as great as it was but being over got the Element Team feeling like 👆🏾#iseeac (@bethord modeling our collective vibe)

Thank you to everyone on the Element Team that locked hands and hearts to serve so many yesterday. To say I'm grateful for you is such a vast understatement.

I couldn't have gotten a better picture today. One of our Authentic life groups hosted a "Tacommunion"- they ate tacos and then shared communion on Good Friday. They gave out shirts to each other fun and celebrated the broken body and poured out blood of Jesus. This is such a beautiful way for believers to gather as the church did in the book of Acts. I hope more of this happens through groups. Kudos @theosbornfile for leading so well and for yet another display of your heart for people, compassionate leadership and dope t-shirt game as usual. #noonegrowsupalone #iseeac #liveforreal

Tomorrow at 9a, 10:30a and 12p there will be a great group of Element Team volunteers with smiles like this ready to greet you and provide great environments for you, your friends, family and co-workers to hear the good news. We all need a raise. Tomorrow we'll all get one.
1 North Broadway / White Plains / authenticchurch.com #iseeac #acineedaraise

Lil dudes shirt says it all about the weekend. Plus we are upping our munchkin game something serious. Invite a friend. #listentothekidsbro #iseeac #ineedaraiseac

Just a few minutes ago this very normal conference table became so sacred when my dear friend @ericenglish127 and I shared communion via FaceTime. From Tulsa he led one of the most beautiful communion experiences I've ever had in my life (no exaggeration) that made the receiving of the elements of the broken body and poured out blood of Jesus so sacred. The friendship @ericenglish127 and I have been sharing since meeting at an ARC exchange two years ago is nothing short of a gift. I'm gonna do my best to write the words from his prayers in my journal today. Thank you, Eric. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Though I grieve that it was my sin that Jesus took on himself that caused his unjust death...my daughter's tank and expression is exactly how my heart feels as a result of his sacrifice for me and the grace I don't deserve. #goodfriday #goodfriyay

I'm looking forward to pointing people to Jesus this weekend and to next steps that will help them grow spiritually and relationally. Point some people along with me by inviting them to our gatherings this weekend! We've got a team of people waiting to help get everyone in the right direction! #iseeac #ineedaraiseac

Hey Ac*! I hope you are inviting friends, co-workers and family to one of our three gatherings this Sunday. I'm putting final touches on my message right now and I can't wait to preach the gospel in a clear and life-giving way. Like, seriously...I can't wait to speak so please invite some people. #ineedaraiseac #iseeac #andiseema-kalebphotobombing

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