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Few people that I know have had the level of impact that @mark.johnston has had on my life and leadership. It's been over a decade that we've friends. One of my favorite communicators, a leader that is wise beyond his years and a friend that continues to help me scale in all areas of my life. I'm grateful that each year he speaks to our church in profound ways and if you missed him today at our gatherings be sure to get online or on our app and listen. Some people you get around just have larger than life qualities to them--and then there are people like him that just make your life feel larger after being around them. Thx for blessing our church!

Happy birthday @classy1999. Every year you continue to exude the quality that made me give you that nickname in the first place. While you never make a fuss about your own birthday you consistently make a fuss about others and today we celebrate your intelligence, beauty, tenderheartedness and poise! Me and the girls love you!!!

Today, a multi cultural group of people will gather to lift up Jesus and proclaim that in our diversity we can be one. When I look at this disgusting racist display in Charlottesville my heart aches. I'm encouraged that we can make change happen though when I see Caucasians, Asians, Indians, Hispanics and Black people gather weekly. Perhaps this is one of the greatest ways to push back against the evil of racism but it will also take our concerted prayers and an amplified voice to say we ain't having it. Let's pray for #charlottesville and pushback the ugly head of racism.

Little snapshot I caught of my girls looking at beauty. This window in our hallway seems so magnificently interesting to me. It looks like a post card but it's a real window.

Ac* merch is still available! Stop by the lobby at one of our gatherings this weekend!

Loved everything about this bumper today. Thank you @jackienicolecreative for your gift to us on the Creative Team! Captured so much of the essence of our church. Hope you enjoyed the kick off as much as I did. If you missed it, listen on our app or online. It's gonna get even better week to week. #iseeac #acsquadgoals

I had some First Lady squad goals years ago and I won. I've got some better ones for you this month starting tomorrow so that you can win spiritually. Come on out tomorrow--gonna be a great series! #acsquadgoals

It was a brunch vibe in NYC today. Great times!

(n: squad goals): an aspirational term for what you'd like your group of friends to be or accomplish. Also the name of the next series we launch @authenticchurch this weekend. I can't wait to share some principles in the Bible that will help us accomplish some big things together. Bring your squad this Sunday!

Wasn't a bad way to end a Sunday and certainly has me feeling great on this Monday morning. Yesterday was one for the books. #iseeac

I want to thank our band and Creative Team for making the awesome bumper we used for the Karaoke series. Though our entire band and Creative team is not featured here I just want to shout all of you out for everything you are doing to make our church a great place. That bumper was so much fun and this picture captures the exuberance you've brought to our summer---a summer with a record number of people putting their faith in Jesus for the first time. I love you humans. #iseeac

Today I was excited to announce in our gatherings that @theosbornfile is joining our team as Executive Pastor! Five years ago he and his family walked into the movie theater we were renting for our church at the time (keep swiping and you'll see their very first day at Ac*). Before I knew it they began to engage at our church serving in different capacities and leading in every way. If you've ever met him you know how he exudes such hospitable heart. He's the kind of guy that lights up a room with his presence but lights up your soul with his passion. He follows up and follows through with you. He's lead some of our most successful life groups and always has a positive and upbeat attitude. I love that he lives in NYC but loves Westchester as well and rooted his family here for the long run. Even his son, Hudson, was named as an homage to NY! Today when I heard the audiences react to him joining our pastoral staff it was such a beautiful confirmation of his ministry impact. People knew who he was because he makes people feel needed and known. I'm grateful for you as well @tamaraisme13 because this move is sacrificial for your family on several levels. Without you shouldering this along with him it wouldn't happen. I love that you are raising your kids to love the local church evidenced by them joyfully wanting to join you serving on the Element Team. PO, we're looking forward to doing great things for our county and region together. I love you tons! Everybody help me welcome Pastor Ozzie to our team! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ #iseeac

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