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Thank you @thejourney_de. Speaking thIs weekend was a blast. I love you, your pastor @mark.johnston and @susiefierce75, the staff and J-Team that make this church such an amazing place to be. Till next time...

Talked liturgy, the sacraments, Hammond B3's, east coast v west coast and bunch of other things over some Candlelight Inn chicken wings. @markaarstad is always so fun to talk with and I appreciate our friendship. Will be a while for a Candlelight Inn vibration but we shall meet and eat soon enough my friend.

Hard to believe that I have a kid graduating today and going to high school in the fall. My pretty, creative and fun-spirited teenager is about to walk into a new phase of life. She wanted to wear wide-leg pants and style herself so she "didn't have to look like everyone". My prayer is that she take her sensibilities into high school feeling confident to be herself--the beautiful, talented and beloved young lady she is. Congrats @hhaleighjade on your graduation today and doing so being on the honor roll consecutively through out your middle school years.

I love this honest, humble, humorous and visionary leader @jrolltv. I've been developing a friendship with him in recent years and each of our encounters are filled with vibrant conversation and laughter. He leads @i5church which is making a huge impact in Maryland but most of all @jrolltv loves people and pastors immensely. Thanks for some great vibes in ATL!

Woke up and did Cross Fit with @seanjazdzyk and @wadehaskins in ATL this morning. Um. I'll stick with the regular gym when you've got @seanjazdzyk breaking weights on deadlifts.

Next week Sunday we kick off our teaching series from the divinely inspired hymnbook- The Psalms. This is going to be a "sing along" series of sorts as we delve into five popular Psalms. Ancient lyrics. Modern audience. Timeless relevance. We're doing some serious karaoke in July! Get ready for a series that will help enhance our perception and praise of God. Shout out to Gina Cutarelli who serves on the Element Team for totally crushing our artwork design this year! #iseeac

Partly sunny and partly cloudy day is a good metaphor for how my soul is feeling. 6 years ago @mcdria and Christian walked into our super small church for the first time. It wasn't too long after they became one of the fixture families of our church. Last Thursday we threw them an "in the meanwhile" party as they will be transitioning to Charlotte, NC. A party that they still found some way to be honoring to me and @classy1999...they're like that to everyone - honoring. Both of them are high capacity leaders in their professions- boss level people. They would serve in one gathering weekly and then attend the second gathering to worship with faces aglow from their iPads taking notes of the message. They've served so many people in this community, led many a life group and Christian has been a trustee for us the last couple of years. I've dedicated their sons, shared many a laugh, tear and dance floor with them and as beautiful as they are on the outside, they're even more beautiful inside. Some of the most generous people you'll ever meet. You're icons to me. I love you both and I'm excited for your new venture. Thank you for serving this church so well. For every family and person you made a difference in- thanks. @authenticchurch couldn't have made it this far without you but certainly will go further because of you. #iseeac #liveforreal

I want to shout out my overseers for being great spiritual fathers to me. Though we are close in age, each one of these guys have guided, corrected and encouraged me for the past six years. All of them are great fathers and I just want to publicly say I love you @russcripps, @guywasko and @whygoddard. Happy Father's Day + thanks for all you do to help me grow spiritually.

Best. Father's Day. Gift. Ever. Today I got a surprise visit from the young men from the Mt. Vernon Youth Shelter. Last year for every connect card that was turned in we donated one dollar to their programming that helps young men of color that have been incarcerated integrate back into the community. Several of these young men have no relationship with their Dad and I loved our gathering. Today was one of those tough days---I was preaching about sex of all things but it felt good to speak fatherly today and to see the impact our church is having in our community.

Get to honor this guy and all the dads tomorrow. Week 3 of You Must Be This Tall To Ride is gonna help us all grow spiritually! As you can see that's the best me or my Dad can do in the height department. #iseeac

About five years ago my friend @robertjpetro got me addicted to cycling. Since then I've longed to have a consistent bike culture at Ac*. Today I launched my second life group that I host intermittently- DisCYCLEship. It doesn't feel like another add to my schedule because I ride every Saturday morning anyway. That's what groups should feel like-- a part of your rhythm. Me and this guy put in 15 miles, stopped and had some iced coffee and discussed Luke 11. We talked about our lives and hopes and observations. We made some serious mileage relationally and on the road. New members are joining us next week and if you have a bike and want to join in on Saturday morning rides, devos, coffee and awesome cycle vibrations hit diane@authenticchurch.com #noonegrowsupalone #iseeac #liveforreal

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