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Waylon Lewis  May it be of benefit! My first book, #thingsiwouldliketodowithyou, is available:


Craftsmanship is rare these days. I've been trying to eco-renovate my century-old home and avoiding forever-toxic materials and slapdash work is next to impossible. Let's appreciate quality where we see it! #hotelboulderado #bouldercolorado #boulderado #tile

Friendships through the years, coming together in one full moment.

My calliegue and me at Lindsay and Steve’s wedding. Good to have a colleague and pal who saw me through (with so much fun and too much gin and bourbon but lots of water and dancing and friends) what could have been a night overfull with emotions, some of them tough. One of this life’s best friendships, Steve, and I have worked harder and too hard for so long, and that work can cause many to drift apart. So glad to still be connected. #lyonscolorado

When you're last to get the salad bowl passed around. #beet

Okay so I’ve now spent...way too much money on this wonderful company, House of Antique Hardware, slowly replacing the tacky 80s stuff that accumulated in my old Victorian in downtown Boulder. Hinges, doorknobs, outlet covers, doorstops (though we handmade a few). A few weeks ago, one of my orders was delayed because one of the items wouldn’t be available for a month. We were on a deadline to finish that room and my house was a mess. I wasn’t happy that 10 items or so would be put off for a month. I called, and customer service was...kinda rude. Nothing like hearing “anything else I can help you with?” after being told to, essentially, stuff yourself. So I tweeted and messaged them, politely but not happily. And then jumped to it, expediting (99% of) my order. It still came late, but they tried. Then they sent me this note. Truly classy and I’ve continued to buy quality hardware from them, uplifting my tired old home for another century. Thanks for the thoughtfulness, #houseofantiquehardware @hoah #victorian #renovation #homerenovation #ecorenovation #restoration #homerestoration

This quote, calligraphed and framed in Marpa House (a Buddhist community house in Boulder, Colorado), changed my life when I was young. The notion that anything that came up, however painful or confusing, could be worked with and learned from and experienced genuinely and fully for the benefit of all, including oneself—that’s powerful stuff. That’s meditation practice. For more, read: Pema Chodron, Chogyam Trungpa, my two Dharma book faves. #meditation #pemachodron #trungpa #dharma #roughlife #learningfromourmistakes #contemplation #buddhism #boulderco

#attentionhomes #boulderco 🗽 The best thing any of us can do is to help a life go from down to up. The “solution” to homelessness is not to ban them, hide them or push them away—but to give them a chance for a safe pillow to rest their head on at night, a chance at rehab or job training if applicable, a chance at the American dream. We do not know anyone’s histories. Note: If they are happy and safe with their homeless path, that is their choice and to be respected.

“Well it has been a long time, long time, long time. And the White Winter had never come to pass and it had passed away and only sporadic showers remained, and they burned off the high skies above the hot earth and his eyes glowed the color of the river as the sun set, again—gold so bright you could not see. And the humans partied and bicycled and ran here and there and walked, heads down, staring at their phones. And they fell in love and broke up and drank drinks and drank coffee and he fell in love, a little. 🚲 And mosquitoes and stars through the window and leaves emerged from dormant gray trees and it had been a long time since his weakened body had worked right and now it was coming back, and he smiled, and he fell in love, a little, and his energies for helping this earth and learning along the way, painfully sometimes, returned. 🌞 And Forward looked like an open map, again. The White Snow was gone, and now it was hot, and adventures were everywhere.” ~ #thingsiwouldliketodowithyou 💔📕❤️ Get the book: elephantjournal.com/books

“But, you know, voting for Hillary would have been just as bad.” ~ liberal kooks. Not to mention: climate change, equal rights, immigration, war, peace, economy, inequality, banking regulations. Next time, vote smart, show up, protect this country. #makeamericakindagain 🐻 "...some 125 Native American tribes from the United States and Canada have signed the Grizzly Treaty to oppose the delisting, saying the government failed to consult with them. The Crow Creek Sioux Tribe is “one of the Associated Tribes of Yellowstone and yet we were completely ignored in this delisting process, despite our declaration, our resolution and petition for inclusion,” said Brandon Sazue, the tribe’s chairman.
Opponents of the delisting say that Yellowstone is an island population of bears, cut off from others of its kind, and that it may not have a broad enough spectrum of genetics to adapt to a changing environment in the future. They also believe that climate change could cause further declines in food sources, some of which, like the white bark pine, have already seen drastic reductions..." #nytimes #grizzly #grizzlybear #endangeredspecies #endangered

Last night's clouds put on a show. #bouldercolorado

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