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Erin  🚀 #DigitalNomad 🗺 Traveling with my 🦄 @wanderlustladies 📍 Now: Quebec City 🎙 Biz Money Travel for freelancers👇

Tired AF today because a fly wouldn’t stop dive bombing my head at 6am. In other news, the city continues to be oddly quiet in the mornings...

@wanderlustladies had some good talks about how to disconnect from work more effectively. The last few months have been nonstop with clients and side hustles and we 👏 are 👏 mentally 👏 exhausted. I’m making an effort to be more “in the moment” and remind myself that the digital nomad life we built was the original goal. We made it. We’re here, so I need to be here to enjoy it. Any and all mindfulness tips are welcome!

Morning walk before powering on the ol’ laptop. Happy Monday IG fam 💥

Stormy weather means cooler weather 👌

This guy is such a champ. A few hundred stairs later and he still has more energy than we do. #13YearsYoung

I call this “Neon Dreamz Part II.”

Pretty much obsessed with this lady 💕

Hazy humid day today. Still debating whether or not we need rabies shots after a little brown bat decided to fly into our apartment and land on the curtains, the walls, a chair...at least we safely ushered it outside with two pillows, a broom, and a few yelps.

I like a good neon light. Remember @gabustillos that you promised me a custom designed light whenever we buy our own place? We haven’t don’t that yet, I’m just reminding you 😂

Even though I’m sweating my 🍑 off, all the boutiques in the city have quietly put their summer clothes away and are selling the most insane winter gear ever. I think we’re in for a rude winter awakening soon 😳

Netflix binge, naps, side hustle work day, sushi dinner, walk along the water ✅ solid weekend

Sunday morning 😊 a very hot, humid Sunday morning...

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