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#Christian Schonhofen  There's a place I'd like to go, when you get there then I'll know.. J Mascis คริสเตียน

Time don't fool me no more..

I wish I didn't care, 'cause caring is rude..

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Thank you!

I see skies of blue and clouds of white..

In them old cotton fields back home..

Mightier than the thunder of the great waters,  mightier than the breakers of the sea—  the Lord on high is mighty
Psalm 93:4

Somewhere in the darkness
The siren softly sings..

'And I pray maybe that you're right but if you don't, maybe I might..' J Mascis

Chasin' clouds in my sky..

'Mas a minh’alma está com o que vejo menos..' - Fernando Pessoa

I've got my spine, I've got my orange crush..

Oh come, never come, Oh come, never come
Oh come to me beautiful rain..