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WaterAid  At WaterAid, it’s our mission to bring clean water, toilets and hygiene to everyone, everywhere by 2030.

Every girl should have the right to good hygiene on her period. Iqra, 15, and her classmates now have access to greatly improved sanitation facilities in their school. Breaking the silence around periods, managing menstruation hygenically and safely disposing sanitary materials are three important issues WaterAid is working on with rural communities in Pakistan. Photo: @aksgrapher

The dry season can last for eight months in parts of Burkina Faso 🇧🇫. One of the methods that we use to help water supplies during this period is a sand dam. Sand accumulates against a concrete wall placed across a river, and the sand acts like a sponge. The more sand there is, the more capacity there is to store water. And this then stops the water evaporating. This is just one of the methods we implement to mitigate changing rainfall patterns in this region. To find out more, head to our website. #climatechange #adaptation. Photo: @basilesouedraogo

Clean water should be accessible to everyone. And that is what we strive for at WaterAid. Mickson, whose disability means he needs to use a wheelchair, can collect clean water himself in his village in Malawi 🇲🇼, thanks to the accessible pump. #inclusivity #accessforall #malawi. Photo: @dennislupenga

It's family portrait time! Here's Alima, left, with her daughter Atija and granddaughter Mima. Their community in Mozambique 🇲🇿 recently received clean water and this has not only had a big impact on health, it has made Alima and her family safer: "I was happy to see the borehole in our community. I knew that no woman would be harmed again in the course of collecting water as it happened to my sister in law.” #TheWaterEffect #Mozambique. Photo: @chileshewa

Clean water can bring such happiness. Just look at Batu and Madie in Sierra Leone 🇸🇱! #cleanwaterforall #sierraleone #happy. Photo: @joeyldotcom

Three years ago when we visited the people who live in these isolated rural villages in Madagascar 🇲🇬, they collected water from a very dirty river, they washed in contaminated water and defecated in the open due to the lack of toilets. Fast-forward three years, and after support from WaterAid, these communities have changed immensely. Access to clean and reliable water, decent toilets and handwashing facilities, not just at home but also in schools and health centres has greatly improved the health of people here. They now have more time to focus on their livelihoods and families. Community participation from the off has increased the capacity of the whole community who are now able to manage, protect and maintain their improved facilities – changing the social landscape for good! #madagascar #landscape #TheWaterEffect. Photo: @ernestrandriarimalala.

Check out our Highlights to see how eight girls in Pakistan 🇵🇰 learnt how to be photojournalists for a week, and what they took pictures of. Here, the girls showcase some of their work at an exhibition held at their school at the end of the project. #participatoryphotography #pakistan. Photo: @aksgrapher. This project was made possible thanks to #UKaid from the British people. @dfid_uk.

One village. One goal. One pump. 2,397 people in Nacoto, Mozambique 🇲🇿 don’t have clean water. Your investment in a solar-powered water pump will change that forever. Will you #PowerThePump? Click on the link in our bio to find out more and donate.

"I used to fetch water with a 20 litres jerrycan. It was heavy as we had to climb back up the hill. Now we collect water at our fountain, just a few metres away from my house." And you can see how good that makes Lalasoa feel! Happy Friday everyone! #madagascar #feelgoodfriday. @ernestrandriarimalala

It’s #WaterWednesday! Here’s Alpha, from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 enjoying fresh, clean water from his village’s pump. #cleanwater #sierraleone. Photo: @joeyldotcom

What’s the easiest way to keep disease away? Washing your hands after you use the toilet and before handling food. Madina, from Mozambique 🇲🇿, is a member of the hygiene club at her school, encouraging other pupils to do this to stay healthy, and it’s having great results! #washyourhands #stayhealthy. Photo: @chileshewa

Mastie, from Ethiopia 🇪🇹, is happy to see the health centre she is expecting to deliver her first baby at has finally got clean toilets. “I can happily use these ones,” she says. “I could not have used them in their old state.” This is one of the health centres benefitting from water, sanitation and hygiene improvements in and around Burie, and the project is set to help more than 41,000 people. This work has been made possible thanks to #UKaid from the British people. @dfid_uk. Photo by @behailushiferaw

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