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私 Noodle ❗️📸  🙈✌🏻⚡️T H E N O W N O W❗@gorillaz ✊

🤯❗️ is anyone else talking to 🥒 right now❓🙀 I am... talk to me instead❗️❗️❗️to find out how go to gorillaz.com/freemurdoc ✌️

📍B O O M T O W N ❗️ we have arrived ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️the 🦁 den❗️tonight at 9pm ✌️ @boomtownfairofficial #TheNowNow

H E L L O 🌎❗️it has been too long since I shared a playlist with you 🙀 so go to @spotify now for my new ✨G M I X ✨ 💆‍♂️💃🌊 I’m back❗️❗️❗️ how are YOU❓see you on #thenownow tour 🙃✌️

✨T H E N O W N O W❗️its here 🎈 have you listened to it yet❓link in bio ✌️ #thenownow now now NOW❗️

❗️🇯🇵✨ see #THENOWNOW live from Tokyo 🇯🇵 TONIGHT 👉 @boilerroomtv ☺️✌️ don’t M I S S O U T❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ info_ gorill.az/boilerroom 💓

📍🇯🇵 are you ready for #THENOWNOW tokyo⁉️

❗️making M O V E S❗️JAPAN 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 I am on my way ✌️ gorillazjapantour.com ✨😸🍜💓

❗️🔔🔔 👀 my interview with @noisey 🔔🔔❗️❗️go to ➖ gorill.az/noisey 😺 #THENOWNOW ❗️ #THENOWNOW ❗️

F I N A L L Y❗️ we meet✌️ @adwoaaboah 💥 @gurlstalk 💥 📍mexico❣️ #humanzworldtour ‼️

❗️H O L A 🇲🇽📍 @vivelatino
back on the road❗️#humanzworldtour ✌️

💥👋 hi❗️I have updated my G-MIX❗️including @thislully who is in the 📸 listen on #linkinbio 👾 see you soon M E X I C O 🇲🇽 for #humanzworldtour ✌️

💘 K A T S U 😻 💕

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