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Steven Wasney  i decided I needed to be an artist so in 1977 i said so & showed fine art prints & readymades then fashion

he is very convincing ~you might even throw in the other half of your paycheque just cuz...

mr nimoy played so many dastardly gangsters &&& villains it surprises his about turn as a planetary wiseman

here is a special new portrait of a special new friend ~i was explaining MEDICIN ~ healing &&& wellness that is made with spiritual/emotional/interior attitude that of course embellishes industry medication. no maryjane required... well she needed some self esteem boosters so my camera sez you are beautiful ~ and so she is now.
without my usual fee or any reefers...

this should be sparking. in motion

a short verse

all gone with plume of smoke

just remembering someone..... someone-

at last - a shelf above my workbench - lots of my still life friends have a nice sturdy home - they can look down &&& imagine what's next ...

at last i made a high shelf for some of my still life friends. they can all look down &&& see what's next

this one made me dizzy as i was perfecting it - it is an actual medical procedure though surrealists & occultists & drug users alike would like it it plenty ;) if you would like a discussion or explanation please feel free to write back. there's much to say about this piece &&& any of the others i post.

This is/was a typical 6:00 all over our continent I was watching the million dollar movie mom was making dinner. Actually that’s not my mom it’s mamie van doren but the show is real~there was some very classy items on that early movie. Gothic ethereal spooky things that imbedded & gave me an entire creative point these years later. As well the hard boiled detective stuff - I GOTTA LOVE THE THE TITLE THOUGH ~million dollar movie~ I’m betting Dr Evil got his joke from this !!!

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