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Last night I had the honor of giving the keynote speech at NYU’s 23rd Annual Golden Rose ceremony, honoring women of color at NYU and in the community. Thank you @fahteeah and @nyuniversity.

After giving my speech an NYU administrator approached me & said: ‘When they were reading your bio, I wish they would’ve included how humble and gracious you are. A lot of people let it go to their heads.’ That is the very essence of a trailblazer in my opinion: recognizing that there was a first and there will be always be a next. That person might even be somebody you’ve inspired, who will excel to even greater heights than you. And let’s not be mad at that.

A few thoughts I want to share from my speech last night:
“It’s a beautiful thing to be a woman right now - and especially a woman of color. We are living in an era of Malala’s, Serena’s, and Michelle’s. An era where the youngest Nobel Prize recipient is a girl. An era where one of the greatest athletes of all time can leave her sport, and return just a year later, as a mother - body just as strong. An era where the leader of the most powerful nation in the world can be a black man - with an even stronger black woman by his side, leading. We are living in a time when women of color are reclaiming their time - and their voices.”
“Being a trailblazer isn’t about fanfare, awards, or your title. What are you doing with that title? It’s not about me. It is about how I made my way - and more importantly it’s contingent on whether I pass the torch back. It doesn’t matter if you’re blazing a trail for yourself, if you’re not looking back to guide others to an open seat at the table - and guide others to build an even bigger and sturdier table with you.”
“Once you discover your passion, no task will be too large to take on. No challenge will be too hard to confront. No day will be too long to endure.“

Thank you @nyuniversity & @aapnyu for honoring me with NYU’s 2018 Alumni Trailblazer Award - and honoring all women of color tonight. ❤️



These are your Parkland Basketball Club Champs. 🙌🏾 Can’t even explain the joy I felt watching these kids I’ve grown to care so much about, win the championship that their friend & teammate Joaquin said they would. They worked so hard & they deserve it. They did it for Guac. Never forgotten.

Story coming soon on @ABC.

After the most exhausting & taxing month of my LIFE, I’m proud to announce I (might) have a day off - and I now get to share this @rlegacy profile of what my job is like in a nutshell. (Link in profile)
Whenever I’m on the road, I’m receiving messages nonstop, ranging from ‘I don’t know how you do it’ to ‘Girl, you are never home’ to ‘Thank you for doing what you do.’ If you’ve ever questioned how I manage this crazy life of mine, it’s because of those messages, and because it’s my passion and I’m nowhere near where I want to be, so the grind can’t stop. It’s also because I have an amazing mentor that inspires me: Eric Avram. My boss, mentor, and overall the most amazing person ever. We all need an @eavram in our lives.
Let’s all keep climbing, keep encouraging each other, and keep collaborating. All the ideas and moves lie right in our own circles. 🙏🏾❤️

GOOD Morning.

Nearly one million students walked out of school today in protest.

The middle school students here in Parkland walking to meet their Stoneman Douglas upperclassmen, defying orders not to leave school. 11 year olds.

In Wilson, N.C. 16 year old Justin Blackman walked out of his high school of roughly 700 students, by his damn self. In D.C. students took it to the White House.

Because, in the words of sweet Lauren Hogg, a 14 year old Douglas survivor who lost her 3 young friends a month ago: “Remember why we are walking out. We are walking out for my friends that passed, all children that have been taken because of gun violence. We are walking out for the empty desks in my classes, and the unsaid goodbyes. This epidemic of school shootings must stop.”

Morning Motivation ✨

Can’t wait to share this feature with all of you tomorrow. Thank you @kedrickwalker & the entire team over at @rlegacy, constantly churning out positive content.
I hope this inspires someone out there to keep chasing their dream, because I’ve learned that ANYTHING is possible through hard work & sacrifice. 🙏🏾🔑💎

On Tuesday night @jlefferman & I were there as the family of Parkland victim Joaquin “Guac” Oliver launched their new activism initiative - @ChangeTheRef.

And then, with Joaquin’s best friend Dillon McCooty suited up in Joaquin’s #2 jersey, and Joaquin’s dad coaching, Joaquin’s basketball team balled out for him, winning their playoff game, the first game back since losing their beloved teammate.

📣 To all the ladies in the place with style + grace 🎈🎉❤️ #internationalwomensday #everydaymadewell #myvans

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