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🍒  Love Live! Card edit contest held by @washimon and @birbedits

Here they are, finally, the GRAND WINNERS!! Congratulations~ Please DM us what you'd like us to draw for you! Very sorry for the delay, we've been very busy😭

Hi everyone!! Here's the task 5 winners announcement. Sorry for the delay but I've had a pretty important exam just a few days ago and preparing for that was really time consuming and i basically did nothing but study lmaO, and washi has been busy has well :( however congrats to the winners & as this was the last task the CEC winners are about to be announced in a bit!! Stay tuned!!!

This will be the LAST TASK! Winners of task 5 + winners of the entire CEC will be announced after it ends! Good luck~

NEW TASK!!! (^◇^)if you have any questions you can write them down below~ good luck everyone!

Aaaaand here they are! Finally! The task 4 winners!! Congrats!
I forgot to put the points on the pic, but first place gets 6pts, second gets 5pts and so on ^^ Task 5 will be announced soon~

Winners of task 4 will be announced soon! Possibly tomorrow? We've both been very busy with exams the past week, which is why it's been delayed. Sorry about that!

Task 4 is here!
DEADLINE: June 1st, 16:00 CEST
This is a tough one. (We're gradually upping the difficulty of these, haha)
Edit any BanDori! 4* card into any μ's or Aqours girl! (Meaning LL girl onto Bandori 4* of your choice!)
Remember to TAG /THIS ACCOUNT/ in your edit, or else we won't see it!! No need to tag neither @.washimon nor @.birbedits in it, just this account.
Questions? Comment below, or slide into our DMs! (lmao i had to)
You can find HD Bandori cards on bandori.party
Good luck!

Here are the task 3 winners!!
This is a little later than earlier tasks, but we've been very busy with school the last week so please forgive us!
We will try to get task 4 out as soon as possible, hopefully today or tomorrow.
Congratulations to the winners!

Winners and task 4 will be published as soon as possible! Entries posted after the deadline will not be counted.

Reminder that there's only 2 days left to submit your task 3 entries!

Also in case someone is confused about the example, the task would be to edit an entire SR (not just head) onto an SSR like @washimon's edit - NOTE: you can edit ANY SR into ANY SSR!! Not just the ones from the example ( • 8 • ) Good luck everyone!!


Okay I have a couple things to address:
First, @sanyiliiiii, i'm double checking everything but i can't freaking tag you, also you have too many i's in your name but CONGRATS!!! Also sorry i mispelled your un lol
SECOND THING, yes, there are three marine Nozomi edits in the top 3. We wanted to avoid this at first but in the end we did like these 3 edits the best in that order and we felt it wouldn't have been fair to change the order of the winners just because all 3 chose to edit the same card. Marine Nozomi isn't a dream card of either of us so don't worry about that lol
AND THIRD please ignore the horribly pixalated chika, i forgot photoshop does that, i need to remember to get my renders from kachagain dammit
Oh and fourth sorry for the delay but life happens, y'know

Anyway we'll post task 3 soon so stay tuned!! (@/moni dw i'm putting Dia in the next pic thing 👀)

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