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Mason  I flip stuff.

An amazing four in a row doubles that took almost an hour this was os hard and as always 2nd ever 😂 IC and ec @giraffe_trickshots_25 sorry about the flip being side ways just turn ur device around to were u can see it clearly😃 edit😍 #fidgetspinner #fidget 🚨IGNORE🚨
hypeitup #markerflip #whistleworthy #houseofhighlights #trickshot #views #markerflip #marker #viral #youneedtoseethis #insane #legend #amazing #thiswassuperhard #nohandsmarkerflip #firstever #instapost #noway @flipbottlechallenge @bestwaterbottleflip @jack.doherty #love #instagood #me #tbt #cute #follow

An amazing back to back empty triple rotation flip this is so much harder than back to back triples and agin its second ever IC: @legendflips rate this 1-50 this took so long

Amazing frisbee compilation 1: upside down backhand into basket 2: over the balcony hammer into basket 3: two in one hand backhand into basket which one and no I did not quit in posting back to back empty triples tommorow

An amazing back to back 3.5 rotation flip this was so hard and was 10th try! Ic: @legendflips ec: @giraffe_trickshots_25

An amazing regular bottle sandwich this is 4th ever and it took a long time so please don't call this fake because why would I put glue on a fidget spinner? IC: @flip_duh @thats_amazing77 @godz.of.trickshotz and it's also my 100th post so...

OH my gosh my best frisbee shot yet a 30.5 yd hammer into a trash can. @ace_trickshots_50 @trickshooter4life

An amazing back to back full skinny expo flips on skinny bottom IC @flip_duh ec @giraffe_trickshots_25 if u think it's fake ask @giraffe_trickshots_25 I was FaceTiming him

OMG this took soooooooo long to do this might be my best is it? Anyways three full expo caps in a row!!! IC: @hbg_shots ec: @giraffe_trickshots_25 and if you think this is fake ask @giraffe_trickshots_25 I was on FaceTime with him and sorry that I didn't show for magnets I never have used magnets and I never will. @markerflip.2.0 @flip_duh @moosepuck.59_shots

Wow. Does the count?

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