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Chris Albert  💪Fitness, motivation, and human optimization for #veterans and #patriots ☠️Clothing and motivation created by #usmc veterans. @chrisalbertfitness

Some people might call it confused. Others might call it eclectic. I call it being in the awesome cultural melting pot known as the United States Marine Corps.

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People often ask about what others want on their tombstones.
What’s more important in my opinion is what your thoughts will be on your death bed.
I never knew my dad, but I know he died my senior year of high school in a halfway house some where. .
I often wonder what he had to be thinking about with a son he barely laid eyes on and a daughter he never met. .
As a father, there is but one lesson he left me with: to live so that I don’t die with those same regrets. .
Don’t fear failure. .
Don’t fear risk.
Be good to those around you and give as much value as you can to this world.
Remember that death comes to us all.

It’s not about the abs
Not about the biceps
Not about that ass
Or showing off your squat
It’s about maintaining your physical sovereignty in a world where everything is trying to take that sovereignty away from you.

I run. I’m slower than a herd of turtles stampeeding through peanut butter, but I do run. .
It helps me clear my mind, a lot like meditation.
Also, since I’ve been powerlifting since the age of 12, it’s not something I’m naturally good at.
It’s also humbling since my girlfriend was a collegiate cross country runner. She was at the top of this hill for around 5 minutes waiting for me when she snapped this picture 😂


Tyranny doesn’t just happen through government.
The most common form of tyranny is actually self imposed tyranny.
We see it all the time
Those people who say they can’t catch a break
Those people who blame the government
Or their parents
Or their teachers .
Or anything or anyone else except for themselves
Those people have completely submitted the control of their futures and their successes to forces outside of themselves. .
Don’t be one of those people.

When you arrive at USMC Bootcamp, the first task at hand for the DI’s is to break you down. It’s a process of getting you to understand that no matter where you’ve come from, or what you’ve done, you know nothing about being a Marine.
Though this is highly visible process in the military, it is not unique to the military. In fact, in any difficult thing you try to do in your life, this process will repeat itself.
The problems happen when you attempt to resist humility in life when there are no DI’s to force you to do it.
That’s when you repeat your mistakes over and over again.

Brand new episode with @manbehindmetroflex .
Eddie Avakoff is the renaissance man of the strength training world. He competes or has competed in Elite Level OCR, Crossfit, Triathlon, Powerlifting, Water Polo, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu. .
He was one of the first high level endurance competitors to apply powerlifting principles to endurance training. .
He's also an avid advocate of strongman training and tactical shooting. .
As you can see from the cover pic, he’s a bit of a nut, which in my opinion as an old friend is where his genius comes from. .
Eddie is also an accomplished entrepreneur who started one of the most famous gyms in the world, Metroflex Gym, Long Beach. .
You can listen to the episode by swiping up on our story!

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Never fear failure. Fear the bitterness that comes with it. .
The voice in your head telling you to stop, or worse, not to start.
Get up. Keep going...

Turning 40 next year. That doesn’t mean I’m not training hard, but I am training smarter. The risk of 1 or 2rm squat no longer meets the reward. It’s not about showing off today, it’s about being capable as a man into my older years.

This was a Leg Day
Back squat 5 sets of 5

Circuit 5 rounds
Deadlift x 8
Squat clean x 3
Kettlebell front rack reverse lunge x 5 each side
Jump squats with kettlebell x 5

Form is way off on cleans. I’ve been trying to train with a slight hip dip but in the circuit i was completely swinging my hips.
Hell of a workout though and my legs were toast by the end.

Keep moving. Keep improving.

Far too many people avoid struggle. .
Because they either fear failure or they fear the work it takes to overcome the obstacle.
The ironic thing is that those same people complain when they find themselves in the same spot over and over again. Victim mode sets in and they begin to view the world as working against them. .
But if they only took an honest look at themselves they’d realize that they haven’t moved forward because they chose the easy path.

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