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WarriorHeart  Canadian yogi 🙏🏼✨Spiritual Jewelry 💎Energy Healing🌟Lover of the Strange and Unusual 💫 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Graduate✨

In the beliefs that you hold about yourself, which ones are yours, which ones are others? We’ve all subscribed to someone else’s beliefs about us, and sometimes those beliefs become a part of us, deeply entrenched in our psyche, so much so that we forget that they aren’t our beliefs. We forget that they have no basis or merit. When you’ve been told something repeatedly or groomed to be a certain way, you come to believe in the bullshit. We forget who we truly are. Who are you when there’s no one watching, no one to please, and no one to judge you?
Peel through the layers of bullshit that we’ve all been fed, of how we should and should not be. Believe in you. You are worlds more amazing than you think. Don’t let others keep you in your place. Don’t let them change you my dear ❤️

🌷🌸🌿Happy Spring Equinox! Happy Ostara!!💐🌺🌸🌿
I’m am soooo ready for the Spring, what about u? It’s been a looong winter here in Canada😭
Now is the time for planting seeds, metaphorically and literally 🌷 Planting the “garden” full of intentions and goals for the coming year, for emerging from our hibernation and our time of introspection and drawing in 💐 It’s the time of re-emergence and growth; with the winter we had time for reflection and connection with our higher selves; now we take action! 🌺
Today I am preparing my altar with signs and colors of Spring-pinks, blues, greens, yellows💐
And decorating with seeds and eggs-the eggs I am writing my intentions on and then planting in the ground (if I can dig through the frozen earth lol), and then placing a flower seed on top to bring my intentions to fruition🌿 What are some of your rituals? I’d love to hear them!!

We drink the poison that is fed to us and then wonder why we are sick. Who do you spend the most hours with? Do they support you unconditionally? How do you intuitively feel when around them?
Also, Pay attention to the language you use with yourself. If you can be nice to the person that was just rude to you, why can’t you talk nice to yourself? ❤️

Yay!! Going to be one of the vendors at Bloom Market by @prairielovepopup @prairielovefestival ✨✨✨
So excited about this one-it’s going to be a gooder😄
Come support local Sat. April 7th!! 🤗

I am sending this out into the universe that this becomes my backyard this summer😊 even tho there’s 10 feet of snow, and a 6 months of dog poop; it may be hard to visualize in its current state but dammit!! I wants!! 😍
What’s the one thing y’all are most looking fwd to this summer?

Sisters ❤️

When you find your tribe, love them hard and never let them go❤️ Finding your tribe can take a lifetime; those who are meant to stay do; those who are meant to influence us and assist us for a short time, fall away with time. But one thing is certain-women need the support of one another.
I have found my little “coven” in the past couple yrs and I am so grateful for them. Sweet sisters you will always be a part of my life❤️🌙✨

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING RN!! Take a minute to appreciate how gd fabulous you are😎 Valentines Day is like, so overrated, so lets make this a day alllll about self love. I challenge YOU-yes YOU! For the next day (at least!!), to speak to yourself like you would your own child, with love and compassion only! Because you deserve all the love baby, you deserve the world (and more)✨. There is no one like you, nor will there ever be again. Just let that sink in! Just love yourself already! YOU ARE WORTHY!! 😁✨

“No one is going to love you exactly as you imagined. No one is ever going read your mind and take every star from the sky and hand it to you. No one is going to show up at your door on a horse with the shoe that you lost. Do you understand? That’s why you have to love yourself enough so that any other love just adds more candles to the cake that you’ve already iced”-Stephenie Bennett Henry❤️❤️❤️
Just love yourself already 🙄

Please move your cart. Please move your cart. No I don’t want to try the Tzaziki dip. I think this is the third circle of hell.😰

✨✨You’ll turn out ordinary if you’re not careful✨✨

USING A MALA FOR MEDITATION (there are no rules!)✨🙏🏻
LOTS of ways to use your mala! One of the ways: Hold the mala in your hand; start with the pendant or guru bead, set an intention for your meditation. Then place your thumb and middle finger on the first bead, take a full yogic breath, think of your intention, and work your way through every bead until you return to the pendant☺️ Just one of the ways you can use a mala to deepen your meditation practice🙏🏻
HONESTLY, It’s alllll about what feels right for you. I HATE rules so when I hear someone saying that there is only one way to do something, I get a little 😎 With everything, it’s about the underlying intention; don’t get caught up in the rules of “how to meditate/do yoga/rituals,etc.” Make your own rules and do what feels right for YOU! Love ya guys! ❤️

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