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WarriorHeart  Canadian yogi 🙏🏼✨Spiritual Jewelry 💎Energy Healing🌟Lover of the Strange and Unusual 💫 Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Graduate✨


I had a patient at work tell me today that I smelled like the 70's/a forest meadow which was srsly THE best compliment and I was wearing an oil by @sweetspiritapothecary on my lava stone diffuser bracelet! They really do hold scents amazingly well and who doesn't want to smell amazing!!??

It's taken me a few weeks to finally post this pic of the AMAZING work by an AMAZING artist @freshe. I already had the middle section for a couple of yrs but wanted more of a cohesive design. Its more than I ever envisioned and I'm sooo happy with the final piece. This is a piece that I'm finally proud to wear ❤️❤️❤️
The original design was something my mom drew back in the late 70's (my mom and dad were hippies ✌🏻), and she used it to print all of their wedding invites 😊 It's always had a very special meaning to me since I was a kid and now it's a piece of me forever ❤️

For real tho. #selflove
Let's spend more time and energy doing the things that make us feel alive/happy/energized/beautiful/valued and less time doing the things that we feel obligated or guilted to do; those situations where we are taken advantage of or undervalued. You're worth wayyyy more than that 🙏🏻✊🏻

Just breathe. It's really that simple. 🙏🏻✨🙏🏻✨🙏🏻✨🙏🏻✨🙏🏻✨🙏🏻
After a much needed summer break, I started teaching yoga again today and I forgot about how much teaching makes me feel such gratitude that I get to laugh (sometimes cry) with people at there most vulnerable and intimate moments. I love feeling the interconnectedness of all of us; we're all human, flawed and imperfect, but honestly, that's what makes all of you pretty little souls so radiant. I catch myself sometimes staring in awe at what the human body is capable of and feel such joy and pride to see little successes and victories when a pose that was impossible before is blooming in their bodies. There was a moment today when I looked at the class while sitting in Sukhasana, all with their eyes closed, and felt such a wave of love, gratitude and compassion it made my heart feel like exploding. This connection, this community, this tribe, is what life is really all about. We're all on this crazy, joyful, painful, beautiful journey together; finding the soul to soul connection helps us realize that life is easier when we connect. I am you and you are me ❤️

Day #2-Prairie Love Festival🙏🏻✌🏻
This weekend has been so healing and restorative, I'm so grateful to be here❤️
Yesterday, I laid in a hammock for 45 mins and I swear if I stayed longer, I would've turned into a tree 😆
Big Love and Namastes✌🏻
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May you all find your own peace this weekend🙏🏻 I'm volunteering at the Prairie Love Festival in Wpg, Canada. Yoga in a forest-not sure how much more chill life can get lol
Namaste friends ❤️❤️❤️

Really missing the summer days at the lake, when the sun is lazy in its descent, and the air smells of leaves and flowers and water and fire. The long days melting into warm and starry nights, a midsummer dream where the veil is thin, and it seems eternity is exists in every moment.
Until next time summer😰
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Whenever you feel small or insignificant, remember you are the entire universe expressing itself as a human being. We are all stardust with a personality ✨
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ALL MY LADIES who will not be tamed! Keep doing you. Stay wild. Stay hungry. 😎✌🏻Messy hair, laissez faire✊🏻

I have a problem making malas and then not wanting to sell them. The struggle is real. 😜
Plus, I am continually buying beads and hoarding them to "save" for some apparently really epic mala masterpiece one day-I will see u on the next episode of Hoarders:The Jewelry Edition 😬😬

Happy Wednesday everyone! 🍁🍂🎉🌈 I am very much in denial that its September and Fall is upon us but it certainly seems more real today-soooo cold this am 😰
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Stay warm my friends! 🍁

Creamy dreamy neutrals 🎉🍁✨🍂
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