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Warren Spartan Warrior 

Your mind tells you that you are still 25..But there's always something to remind you otherwise...Can we say reality check?...lol

This cutter left out clean and white.She came back with bullet holes and note the black soot on the stern.She was running at high speeds for a long time.God Bless The Coast Guard.Taken 1985

My first combat deployment.Note the year.

The one true flag worth fighting under..

My first time out to sea and we run into a hurricane..We had to ride it out.

You throw it up in a bun and call it a day..Time to hit a trail..Cold weather training.

When your hair curls up and goes into a growth spurt..What do you do????

The look you have when you want to play with your new basketball and they weather isn't cooperating.

I had to back up a mile.No signs warning me.

Sun coming out after the passing of Micheal.

We are safe..Thanks for the offers for places for us to stay.THANK YOU

I've been asked why I still look young at 52.1..I have the love of a good woman..2..I use 100%all natural products on my skin and hair.From body wash,shampoo,and toothpaste.3..I have the love of a good woman..My wife makes these for us.

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