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currently inactive :-(  will become active again when Cher starts new appearances and music!

just checking in. hope you're all doing okay! if you ever need anything I'm still here and my personal is @emilybrxwn (-:

I really want to start this account up again but I'm very stressed and sad and life is just not being very kind to me at the moment. but maybe someday I'll start again. hope you're all doing well (-:

hello, I hope you all had a good christmas/hanukkah or whatever you celebrate! I will probably be on again soon, but if not, happy new years!

gotta have the bad days to appreciate the good am I right

unpacking boxes is so boring.
I hope y'all are having a good day!

I should probably go see y math teacher for extra help since I'm in study hall but I need to get new pictures for this and edit a paper and watch ouat so.. you know.. priorities.

you'll never guess what I'm watching 😏

I just had an energy rush and now I have a headache and i want to eat dinner and take a shower and go to bed but I have to finish typing an essay :|

say you'll be my nightingale πŸ’–

and with that said and done, I am going to sleep.
goodnight brats πŸ’™

so yesterday we voted for homecoming court and I just voted for a guy and a girl I knew the names of cause I'm new and even though I'm a freshman I'm not around them a lot cause I take a lot of sophomore classes. anyways, these girls I kinda know were asking people who they voted for and I told her and she was like "oh a lot of people voted you" and I was like "oh really" like I'm flattered but gross and so I really don't want to be on homecoming court because I think they voted me as a joke or swim thing cause no one even really knows who I am amongst the freshmen. like they may know my name but I haven't met them, ya feel?
so in short, I want to win cause that'd be pretty chill and if the guy I voted for won that'd be really chill but the whole time I would think it was a joke so I really hope I don't at the same time.

I'm so tired and we had a half day today so that's good.
how was your day?

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