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Wanderson S. Da Silva  Cliffside Park, NJ

Don’t give up on a journey because of the amount of time it will take you to get to the destination. Time will pass anyways. Enjoy the journey. #tbt

We can all see the the physical improvements . But what I’m most proud of are the improvements you cannot see. The improvements I’ve made within. I’m just living my BLESSED life.

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. -Bruce Lee
#throwback to 2 weeks out of the victormartinezchampionchips. I practiced this routine after every workout session until it became fluent.

I might have not been THE best on stage but I was definitely MY best on stage, and I will keep on working till MY best becomes THE best.

The goal is simple. Get better. August 2017 vs August 2018 same exact stage weight. #transformationtuesday #victormartinezlegendschampionship #victormartinezlegends#npc#physique#mensphysique

We suffer for weeks after weeks physically and mentally to spend just a few minutes on stage. However, those few minutes are truly magical. No matter how much pain it brings me at times I truly love what I do and will continue to do it for as long as my body allows m to. .
Photo by @chrishaydenphoto

To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture. It’s not about winning and losing; it’s about every day hard work and about thriving on an challenge. It’s about embracing the pain that you’ll experience at the end of a race and not being afraid.
I want to thank each and everyone of you who have been supportive of me thus far. It is disappointing not coming home with a W. I’m definitely motivated to continue to work hard, the win will eventually come. Special thank you to my coach @liranzofit who guided me to bring my best package ever to the stage. And thank you to all my family and friends who put up with my moody ass through this prep. .
Shout out to all these amazing competitors, we all put ourselves through the extremes to be up there and that’s a win in itself.
S/o to my to my blood
@bryanmagalhaes15 who came through to get that pre judging footage which I will share with ya soon, and the homie @frankie_gets_her_wetter who captured the finals pics. Thanks for the support fam I love you all..

Here’s my posing routine from pre judging. Landed next to the box in the open and far and far right in novice. Now just rest up and wait for finals.

And here we were this morning at 2 weeks out weight was 163.6 fasted, flat depleted and no pump. 2 more weeks to make that waist line dissapear on this pose. Cant wait to see what the package looks like 2 weeks from today when im actually full and with a pump.

"When you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them"
That @pumpchasers stringer is 🔥 tho

What does it look like I just finished training?

"Strength isn't about how much you can handle before you break, Its about how much you can handle after you break" -unknown .
Hit the link on my bio and check out the training and posing video the homie recorded of us at the east coast mecca

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