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Observe Preserve Nurture  Some vital parts shifted lately Died and reborn at 27

Manage to visit Sick Boy and Birthday Girl (also sick) after work.
#getwellsoon #MHRI #Umi

The Therapy that was 'forbidden'. Now i know why. 📷 by @fqzl

Alhamdulillah it all went smoothly. Ive always wanted a baby girl, uncle pon uncle lah. Congratulations bro and beloved sis. I will be the most awesome Pak Usu in the whole wide world i promise.

Love at first sight.

To my beloved elder son, Muhammad Hanif Rizqullah IKHLAS, today marks a day which the sun shine the brightest. Happy 2nd Birthday to you.
You may not able to read now, eventually you will insyaa allah.
Daddy may not be the perfect daddy, daddy made mistakes, but let this day the world as a witness that daddy will grow to not better, not perfect but good example for sure. Hope you like what daddy've got for you, dont conteng nenek house. I will see YOU this weekend.

"Oh angin kau kirimkan kalimah kasih ku agar dapat ku dengari kalamnya berbunyi"

Ps; My dear boy tomorrow is your special day and daddy cant be there because daddy got to work. Dont conteng nenek house. Before posting a happy video tomorrow, this is how it feels actually.

It looks like ive been feeding my mom with only food over the weekends. Gemuk jugak mak aku. To ibu I hope you had the most memorable week of the year it couldve been better. Mohon keampunan untuk segala kekurangan yang ada, yang penting ibu bahagia.
#soanakmak #selagidiberipeluang

Throwback. One of the trips/checkpoint that meant so much somehow.
Last weekend i found this part of me all over again. I almost , ALMOST, lost him along the way. #youborrowedmeyourgraceonceagain #itsbeenthereallalong #subahanallah

Yesterdays.. I know what to do next time already.
#notfunny #4hrsqueue #butitsworthwhile

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