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You were the love of my life for five and a half years. It was too short but it was filled with so much happiness.
You made each of the three apartments we lived in together a home. You and I were a little family and when people asked me if I lived alone I'd say "no, I live with a bunny named Bo." They would laugh but I couldn't care less.
You were my best friend and I loved every thing about you. I loved your obsession with cilantro, celery and mint and our shared disdain for parsley. There were no greater sounds in the world than those of you munching on your food and gently lapping water from your bowl.
I loved how you would find a way to wedge yourself between your food bowl and your water bowl, no matter how close they were to each other. I loved that you'd jump on my bed in the mornings and sniff my hair while I was asleep. And when I took a shower, you'd hop on my pillow and I'd find you waiting there when I returned to my room. And how whenever I put my shoes on to go somewhere, you would run over and sit by my feet, saying goodbye.
I loved watching TV on the couch, seeing you sitting on the living room rug, right next to me, every night. Sometimes I couldn't pay attention to the screen because I was more interested in watching you.
I so cherished our bedtime routine. We'd be in the living room, I would say "bedtime" and you would run straight to your cage and hop in. You'd put your little front paws on the bars and eagerly wait for your bedtime snack. Then I would kiss you good night and you'd wake me up the next morning for breakfast. I would open your cage and walk to the living room to fill your bowl and you would follow, running alongside me on the way.

I loved that everyone who knew me asked how you were doing when they saw me because they knew you were the only thing I cared about. And you were. And you are. And I don't know what I'm going to do without you in my life.
Thank you for being my best friend, Bo. I have loved every single day with you and I will love you every day after.

When your bunny is sick and you're in Miami and you scroll through your camera roll to find pictures of his fuzzy face and find other pictures too.

Back in the office and terribly missing blue skies, palm trees and 7 Piña Coladas a day.

Current situation. #scubacertified

STARE #vancouver

When the country feels very black and white, all you have to is come to New York City, where we live in color.

Rehearsals at the Hudson Theatre. If you want to see Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford make Sondheim magic - please go see @sundayparkbroadway immediately. #SundayintheParkwithGeorge

❄️Snow Day ❄️

I'm not just appalled because I'm an immigrant. //
I'm not just appalled because I'm an American. //
I'm appalled because I'm a human being. // Can someone explain to me why there are no repercussions for a President who signs an illegal executive order?
An Immigrant American Human Being #muslimban

"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty." - Henry David Thoreau


We will protect each other. #womensmarch

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