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Gaby Clingman  [It's pronounced gay-be] Wanderluster // Unfortunate Dancer // New Yorker Snapchat: gabyclingman [email protected]


When the country feels very black and white, all you have to is come to New York City, where we live in color.

Rehearsals at the Hudson Theatre. If you want to see Jake Gyllenhaal and Annaleigh Ashford make Sondheim magic - please go see @sundayparkbroadway immediately. #SundayintheParkwithGeorge

❄️Snow Day ❄️

I'm not just appalled because I'm an immigrant. //
I'm not just appalled because I'm an American. //
I'm appalled because I'm a human being. // Can someone explain to me why there are no repercussions for a President who signs an illegal executive order?
An Immigrant American Human Being #muslimban

"Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty." - Henry David Thoreau


We will protect each other. #womensmarch

I felt hopeless on Friday, and I still do when I listen to the @whitehouse Press Secretary Sean Spicer blatantly lie to the American people on the first day of DT's administration; I know this will be the first of countless lies he will tell.

But I look at what women and men around the world accomplished yesterday. I experienced the immense solidarity and pride of marching alongside hundreds of thousands of people who feel the exact same way I do and I truly believe that yesterday we began the process of taking hope back. #womensmarch #whyimarch

And so the revolution began... #womensmarch

Plane, from plane.

This was not the best week for orca lovers. RIP Tilikum and RIP Granny.
If you've never seen @blackfish_movie cancel your plans tonight and watch it on @netflix to learn about Tilikum and why his story is so important. I had the incredible opportunity to see Granny (J2) swim with her pod in October when I visited Seattle. She was the oldest known Orca in the world and she was beautiful. She was blessed to live the long life that was stolen from Tilikum the day he was brutally captured in Iceland as a two year-old. From then on he was made to share disturbingly tight quarters with orcas he didn't know and perform tricks for applause from the same species that took him away from his family and from his home.
Tilikum died yesterday at 36. Granny lived over 100 years in the wild.

Does anyone have book recommendations for 2017??