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Wanderlust  Guiding your journey toward a mindful and inspired life. #FindYourTrueNorth #ExperienceWell

The health of the planet we call home, has tangible and significant effects on our individual well-being. How we treat the Earth—the small and large choices we make every day—is an important part of living well.

How do you make environmentalism a part of your everyday? #ExperienceWell
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BIG news – Wanderlust has joined the @BCorporation movement! From the beginning, our goal was to transform lives through practice while treading lightly on the earth. Today, we're proud to be certified as an official #BCorp, committing to a higher standard for ourselves, our community, and our planet. 🔗 in bio or check out our story for more info.

Starting off the week like a warrior with a little help from @chelseykorus. Is there a pose that makes you feel empowered and ready to take on anything?
#WLTV #WhoWillGuideYou #yogaeverydamday #practiceandalliscoming

Thank you Dallas and San Diego for bringing your positive energy and reminding us just how ✨magical✨ practicing #yogaeverydamday really is!
Next up Raleigh and San Francisco 🏃‍♀️🧘‍♀️🙏 #Wanderlust108 #LetsGetItOm
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Start your yogis young. Did you know Wanderlust 108s and Festivals are child friendly? Tickets are free for children under 13. 🙌

#Wanderlust108 #WanderlustFestival #yogaforeveryone
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Making the relationships with the people around us as healthy as they can be. We’re social creatures, after all. How do you #ExperienceWell, socially?

It doesn't have to be an intense asana practice for it to be yoga. Double tap if you agree!

#Wanderlust108 #yogaeverydamnday
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Where attention goes, energy flows. Focus allows us to send our energy to things that truly matter. Where does your mind wander, where does your attention go?
We love finding our focus on the mat practicing with @adrienelouise. How do you find yours? #adidasWanderlust

You brought the 🔥heat🔥 today Atlanta! Thank you for an EPIC dance party. We couldn’t imagine a better way to kick off the #Wanderlust108 tour.

Are we coming to a city near you? Find out at the link in bio ☝️ #LetsGetItOm
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A little rain can’t zap our zen! Thank you, New Orleans, for bringing your best selves to kick off our 2018 #Wanderlust108 tour 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Y’all continue to inspire us with your dedication and good spirits Every. Single. Day. Who’s coming to another event this month? See you on the road 🙏🏽
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Congratulations to our main squeeze @ChelseyKorus for saying YES to hers! 💍 We're so happy for you both.
If you're in Atlanta this Sunday congratulate her IRL at #Wanderlust108 OR at #WanderlustFestivals this summer—and if we're really lucky @mike.aidala will tag along 💕

Societal + Global Wellness: Keeping the planet we call home healthy, and being conscious consumers. We’re facing some big challenges, but we can make big changes… together. How do you #ExperienceWell, societally?

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