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Wanderlust  Guiding your journey toward a mindful and inspired life. #FindYourTrueNorth #ExperienceWell

Where there's no struggle, there's no strength.

Double tap if you found your strength today in Philadelphia!
#wanderlust108 #findyourtruenorth
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Wellness is often associated with green drinks, special supplements, and fancy bubble baths—but we know it's more than that. What does wellness mean to YOU? Where do you feel like your best or wellest self? Let's take away the stereotypes and celebrate the things that make us feel amazing.
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Craving all things in this deliciously-citrus blood orange hue. 🍊

Why do we find the zesty flavor and breathtaking color of this fruit so satisfying? Could it be the extra punch of Vitamin C? (130% of your recommended daily dose!) Maybe it’s the ritual of peeling back the seemingly-typical orange rind to reveal the ruby red flesh and berry-like sweetness inside. Whatever the reason, there’s something incredibly appealing about this super fruit. @swisseusa

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Does teaching others about living well bring you joy?

Do you swear by a gratitude practice and urge those around you to try it?

Do you think of yoga as more than a physical practice—a full blown life philosophy?

Did you just scream yes out loud three times? 🤣 Than you’re going to love the mindfulness maven track at Wellspring! Link in bio for more info on Wellspring and the event's specially curated tracks. #ExperienceWell #Wellspring #mindfulness
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Ready to discover new energy and new possibility for your body? The secret is G R A T I T U D E ! You've sweat and stretched your way through nine days of our Wellest Challenge. Pat yourself on the back and take some time to recognize the amazing things your beautiful body has accomplished.
h/t @jacycunningham #LiveYourWellest #WLTV #FindYourTrueNorth

"Today we have a body. Use it, love it, use it, be as happy as you can be every single day because it calls for that." — @jacycunningham

Are you ready to show kindness to your body while simultaneously challenging your limits? Join the FREE 10-Day Wellest Challenge and ignite your best self! Link in bio.
#LiveYourWellest #WLTV #findyourtruenorth

It doesn't matter where you are or who you are, you have time to for yoga. Join @marybethlarue in this quick but rewarding flow.

ICYMI yoga teacher Mary Beth LaRue and HIIT instructor Jacy Cunningham are tag-teaming the Wellest Challenge, a free 10-day video course combining high cardio workouts with restorative-style yoga. Sign up today and ignite your best self! Link in bio.
#LiveYourWellest #WLTV #findyourtruenorth

"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." —Oprah

Toronto thank you for making today amazing. Tag a friend who lifts you higher.
#wanderlust108 #findyourtruenorth
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Congratulations you're halfway through the Wellest Challenge! Take a moment to catch your breath with @jacycunningham. 🌬

Haven't joined our 10-Day Wellest Challenge yet? There's still time to sweat and restore your way to your wellest self. Link in bio to join.
#LiveYourWellest #WLTV #findyourtruenorth

"When one teaches, two learn." —Robert Heinlein
Fitness instructors, yoga and meditation teachers, healers and other profesionals in the wellness industry eligible for a discount on Wellspring tickets. Link in bio for more info.
#ExperienceWell #Wellspring
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The power of plants is real—and backed by the ancient science and wisdom of Ayurveda. One of our fave post-practice treats is a @pukkaherbsus blend of quality organic herbs combined by master herbalists to nourish and balance body and spirit. What fuels your practice?

Dear NYC, Though we wander the world, it always feels right to come home to your energy and passion—the beautiful diversity and constant movement recharge us. Our day with you Sunday at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn was nothing short of amazing. We hope that it gave you space, inspiration, and focus to refuel and keep thriving. Much love to the city that gives us so much. Team Wanderlust /// <3 NYC
Special thanks to @adidasWomen and @adidasNYC for this beautiful custom yoga mat creation and donation activation at our Brooklyn 108! #adidasWanderlust #wanderlust108

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