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Elizabeth Olson  Mom, wife, psych professor, dog walker, cat cushion. I adore vintage sewing machines - I have Petal, Ella, & Baby (& Lars)! And sometimes I sew stuff.

Got a whole side finished (plus a corner!) at the first softball game of the season, and then I had to wrap up in the #wanderingtylertripquilt - I got cold! #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 42/100) #the100dayproject #quilting

Kind of chilly for softball practice, but I imagine @tyler.vorndran wouldn't mind if I use his quilt to keep warm while I'm working on it! #wanderingtylertripquilt #summertripwithme2017 #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 41/100)

It's a bit late but I'm ready for my #sncadrinksbreak - I figure I better quit cutting while I'm still in once piece, so after a shower I'm ready for tea and stitching on binding for my #summertripwithme2017 #wanderingtylertripquilt. While watching the cinematic masterpiece MAD MAX FURY ROAD of course! #saturdaynightcraftalong (w/@myteaandbrie) #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 40/100)

First up for #saturdaynightcraftalong: I finally finally hung my #geometricsewingmachine mini quilt on my wall! This was #selfishsewing at its finest. And of course to get it there required some cleaning both on and around my sewing cabinet, but that just helps me be ready for summer, right?! Swipe to see my cabinet all collapsed, where it'll be a great space for doing some cutting tonight. (pattern for the mini by @quietplay, and the craft along is hosted tonight by @myteaandbrie)

I can only grade finals for so long before I gotta #crochet some hexagons in the park. #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 39/100)

Tonight: the binding is all machine stitched! Ready for my favorite part: handsewing to the back! 😉 Swipe for a closeup of one of my favorite parts of the custom sewing cabinet my dad made for me - the hydraulic lift! #sewingspace #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 38/100) #wanderingtylertripquilt #summertripwithme2017 #huskystar

This afternoon was a fun game of Mysterium! We didn't quite figure out the murderer, but my daughter made a great ghost. 🤣 #boardgaming #boardgames #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming

This morning I'm making bias binding and using my awesome #pincushion I got from @crimsonconfection's fabulous Etsy store! :D #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 37/100)

Happy mother's day with a lovely breakfast made for me!

I did it! It's all quilted! @tyler.vorndran, your quilt is so close to done! All that's left is burying threads and binding, although I don't think I'm going to do any of that tonight - I need a clearer head for making bias binding, and burying threads is just tedious! For now I'm going to sign out of #saturdaynightcraftalong (with @myteaandbrie!) and say goodnight! #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 36/100) #huskystar #summertripwithme2017 #wanderingtylertripquilt

This section is pretty much all I have left to quilt on the #wanderingtylertripquilt. Maybe this #saturdaynightcraftalong will see me finish? (our host tonight is @myteaandbrie) #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 35/100) #summertripwithme2017 #scrappytriparoundtheworld

A major accomplishment for the afternoon: putting things away and getting Lars all set up for finishing a quilt! #the100dayproject #100daysofwanderingstitches (Day 34/100) #saturdaynightcraftalong with @myteaandbrie and @charmaboutyou #huskystar

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