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Elizabeth Olson  Mom, wife, professor, dog walker, cat cushion. I adore vintage sewing machines - I have Petal, Ella, Walter, & Baby (& Lars)! Sometimes I sew stuff.

Checking in with @myteaandbrie and #saturdaynightcraftalong - tonight I'm finishing the quilting for the borders for brother no1's quilt, and then I'll be ready for a binding party for the last 3 quilts! Yay! #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018 #quiltingonadomestic

Today was quilting day for the #nonemoreblackquilt! Once again I spent the day @quiltbarnstudio with Marci and used the #apqslenni to quilt. I used navy blue thread, and did mostly free motion swirls, although I did three blocks custom quilting using rulers and free motion, including the biggest block. Swipe for more pics, including a couple closeups of the quilting - I'm really happy with how it turned out!

#thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018 #modernbuildingblocks @jvorndran

The happy mail continues! I won this lovely little salt cellar #pincushion from @ilovetoquilttoo - it's amazing! You should totally check out her shop, these are absolutely worth it, and would make great gifts!
Swipe to see this lovely new piece next to the one I made from a candle holder. I've got a start on a collection!

Look at this amazing gift I received from my #sncaswap2018 partner, @sararoostermakes! It's a wonderfully amazing rainbow drawstring bag that will be perfect for crochet projects, and a sweet log cabin ornament with washi tape and some gum that I have to hide from my 11 year old. I LOVE IT SO MUCH OKAY. Thank you! And @myteaandbrie, please mark me as happily received! #saturdaynightcraftalong #sewtherainbow

OK, as always this is super difficult to photograph, but: I'm joining @myteaandbrie and @charmaboutyou for #saturdaynightcraftalong, and I'm finally finished with the blocks for the #nonemoreblackquilt! Here's my layout, and I've got a plan for sectioning it together. I have a reservation with Lenni at the @quiltbarnstudio on Wednesday, so it'll be together by then! And this is the last of the sibling quilts to get quilted!
I used mostly the Modern Building Blocks patterns and assembly may take some creativity with pins, given my haphazard relationship with trimming these giant blocks. This is gonna be fun! #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018

Amber was fascinated with the treadle for a minute - I sewed real slow so she could investigate (swipe to see) and then she ended up in a much better spot for supervising. 😂 #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018 #kittyquilter

Here's a #saturdaynightcraftalong check in: I'm done with my #bloembasket for the #sncaswap2018! Partner, I hope you like this - I had a good time making it!

The best part about buying from independent pattern designers? Sometimes if you have a question you can message them on IG and they'll help you out! Pattern by @johannaweidner. 😁

Now for my evening tea and then I'll move to cutting more black blocks - I only have little ones left!

Hi, fellow #saturdaynightcraftalong friends! Tonight I'm starting with finishing up my #sncaswap2018 gift - I just love how Ella the #singer201 handles both the heavy duty stitching and topstitching both!

Later I'll be back to the sibling quilts -- I've got one left to assemble and 11 days to do it, so I'm going to be doing some cutting!

Today I had an excellent day quilting brother no3's #drunkardspathquilt @quiltbarnstudio! I used a chartreuse thread and it was so useful to use the black light on the machine to see what I was doing. The quilting was fast and fun, and I love how this quilt turned out. Swipe to see what this same section looks like without the black light!

Full pics of this later, when the light is better and it's closer to being bound! #longarmquilting #apqslenni #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018

I've only got a couple seams to go, and brother no3's quilt will be ready for long arming on Friday! @r_vorndran22 and @j.vorndran -- if your dad doesn't like this, one of you might, yeah? 😜

#drunkardspathquilt #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018

I'm joining #saturdaynightcraftalong with @barefootcrafter and the Australians already - it's early here in the US! - but I'm crafting so it counts. I'm working on pinning the binding on brother no2's quilt; it's just about ready to stitch that final seam. I just had to step back and consider how much I like how the quilting design turned out!
Once it's pinned it'll have to wait a bit till Lars gets set up again. I've got bee blocks and an SNCA swap gift to work on later today, and then Lars will come out to help me finish the sibling quilts. #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018

Guess what I did today?! That's right: I rented some time with Lenni (@quiltbarnstudio) and quilted brother no2's quilt! I did some free motion and some ruler work on the main body of the quilt, and piano key lines in the border. I really enjoyed it - I'm pretty sold on using longarms with a roller frame and will not likely be basting quilts anymore!

I also used my 40wt Aurifil on the top and 50wt Aurifil in the bobbin, and once he had a bigger needle Lenni and the thread got along great. Good info to know! #longarmquilting #apqslenni #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018

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