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Elizabeth Olson  Mom, wife, professor, dog walker, cat cushion. I adore vintage sewing machines - I have Petal, Ella, Walter, & Baby (& Lars)! Sometimes I sew stuff.

How I spent my afternoon yesterday!

I rented time on this #hqsimplysixteen to see what the experience of quilting a whole quilt is like with a longarm and the #littlefootframe. It took me only four hours to do a loopy stipple on my jelly roll race quilt I'd put together last weekend!

I pin-basted, as the shop ladies told me that worked fine with the frame. It generally did - once you get a section in the hoop you can take out the pins. I found out, though, that you do lose a few pins in the process when a few that get caught under the clamps get pinched funny. I was still able to get them open, thankfully, but I did have to toss some that weren't getting closed again.

The machine itself stitched lovely and was very fun to use. The stitch regulator was nice and I rarely felt like I was fighting the machine, but it did have plenty of vibration that I really started to notice by hour 3. My MIL came with me as we are contemplating buying a machine together, and we both commented that given the way we quilt (i.e., in smaller bursts), that kind of thing wouldn't bother as much since we wouldn't be doing a marathon session hardly ever.

I have some longarm training in two weeks at an APQS dealer close by, so I can rent their really big machines. We'll see how that experience differs from this!

#saturdaynightcraftalong update: I had a plan, and then I made a mistake on the last cut! So then I was like, well, what if I KEEP CUTTING?! I think I salvaged it! It looks like my plan, mostly, and I like it. I've got a few more seams to sew than I'd intended and I'm too knackered to finish tonight, but I had a pretty fun #nationalsewajellyrollday! (#saturdaynightcraftalong is hosted by @myteaandbrie here in the US!) #projectjellyroll #jellyrollracequilt

The original idea for this comes from @carrie_can_quilt!

I'm just about ready to start my #jellyrollracequilt with Petal the #treadlesewingmachine! I've got several bobbins wound, and Petal's been oiled and she has a new needle. Here goes! #showmethemoda @modafabrics Happy #nationalsewajellyrollday! #projectjellyroll (Also, I'm joining @myteaandbrie and @charmaboutyou for #saturdaynightcraftalong!)

All total, I'm about 45 minutes into my #jellyrollracequilt - I'm doing a variation that needs two sections, and it took that long to make the two long strips with my #handcranksewingmachine. Maybe not quite as fast as they could be sewn, but they were super enjoyable stitches!

Swipe to see the colors better - this is the bigger section. Before I head for bed I'm gonna wind another long bobbin or two for Petal, and make sure the strips are ready to sew. I haven't decided if I'll do both sections with Petal, or if maybe I'll ask Walter to play, too. This is a good dilemma to have! 😊 #vintagesewingmachine #antiquesewingmachine #nationalsewajellyrollday #vandcoombreconfettimetallic #ombreconfetti

If you're gonna sew a jelly roll race, you gotta prep for it! Tonight I've got a lapful of rainbow goodness: I had to thin out my jelly rolls to get just the number I needed, and now before I head for bed I'll trim the selvedges off. To do an 'official' race, do you sew the strips together (to make the giant strip) during your race? Or does the 'race' only start once you've got your giant strip and start folding?

First up for #saturdaynightcraftalong with @myteaandbrie: I'm done with the last big block for the #nonemoreblackquilt! This one is 18", and now that it's done I think I've only got 12" and a mess of 6" blocks to go.
Except I have no more cut for this quilt, so I'm deciding whether to prep for a jelly roll race quilt or to continue hand sewing a binding tonight. The advantage of the hand sewing is I can also watch Black Panther. 🐱🐱 #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018 #allthevolumequilt

Petal and I are working on a #nonemoreblackquilt block tonight. I'm also excited that I'm going to Quilt Expo in Madison tomorrow - hopefully I'll see some of you guys there!
I'm planning on renting some long arm time this fall to do some learning and to get sibling quilts quilted, but I may also be in the market for a sit down mid arm or long arm setup, so the expo will be a great place to explore. I'm also happy to hear: your thoughts on the matter? (I do NOT have room for a quilting frame, nor do I have the finances, and I'm not interested in quilting other people's quilts as a business. Mostly because I really do love my job and I don't want to hate quilting. But a sit down setup may be doable space and $-wise, especially if I consider I may well be at this hobby for another 20 years!) #allthevolumequilt #vintagesewingmachine #thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018

Check out this AMAZING quilt! It's up for auction to help pay for a lovely young boy's heart surgery: check out @playfulpiecing for more details!

#saturdaynightcraftalong check in: I've got the binding donut all finished and ready for when this quilt is together! Now to work on the borders - I want to get this quilt ready for basting so I don't have to come back to it! (#saturdaynightcraftalong is hosted by @barefootcrafter, @charmaboutyou, and @myteaandbrie! Come join us!)

I had the best happymail week this week! But I was stuck in back-to-classes stuff so didn't really get a chance to get pics until today, and whaddya know, it's raining!

Anyway, I got FOUR #lowkeybee blocks (thanks so much @dana_of_unwind, @designersmed, @100daysinstanteve, and @aristotleface!) and then I couldn't resist laying them out all together. I'm excited to put this one together!

Forgive the nighttime lighting but: the center of brother the second's quilt is together! I just have to add borders and this will be a complete flimsy, woo! It's gonna be interesting to quilt, too, because there's a few sections that had some real adventures with easing fabric. 😅

Brother the second has been a dairy farmer for a while, and he requested green and gold for his colors (whether it's for the Packers or John Deere or both, ya got me). And since brother the first and brother the second are close, they both get quilts that are variations on flying geese. I like how this one is turning out!

#thegreatsiblingquiltprojectof2018 #flyinggeesequilt

Check out this cool thing that arrived today! Walter the #singer301a got a new carrying case!

Swipe to see more pictures: this is a Featherweight/301 bag from the website Quilters Connection.Com (edit: they're on IG! @quiltersconnection). It has a very nice double-zipper opening that also closes with velcro, and it seems to be well-padded. There's some hard plastic in the bottom, and the front pocket is nice and big; I think I can keep most of Walter's accessories in there for regular use (even if I don't bring them when we travel). I learned that the front of the machine should be pushed all the way to the side of the tote, as this will put the bulk of the machine weight right under the carry handles and it balances nicely. Then I have a fair bit of space by the hand wheel, and I think I can make a little cloth slip case for the pedal and cords. They'd either fit back there or on the machine bed, depending on how the weight distributes.

Walt also got a new LED light bulb and some bobbins that I have yet to try, but I'm pretty excited about his new case! Maybe I should think about taking a class somewhere now... #singer301

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